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I'm French, amongst many things, I like to take photos.

I'm only starting to build my user page on Commons, do not hesitate to write in English on My talk page.

My user name[edit]

In French, it sound a bit like "C'est qui ?" meaning "Who's that?" but it is only an accident, it is built around my name, first name Claude, last name Qui.

I first used it in English forums and didn't realize this until I started editing on Wikipédia in French and got remarks about it.

My photos[edit]

Link to the list of files I have uploaded.

Morning in Howth harbour, Ireland.
Living near Rathgar and en:Milltown, I walk along this river to go to work.
I spent some time in Texas, I loved the place and travelled around a bit. See more photos of Texas.
I am of Corsican origins. See more photos of Corsica.
See more photos of Sardinia

Usefull Links[edit]

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