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Notice If Cropbot is not working, you can try CropTool.


Cropbot is a bot provided by Luxo and is able to crop JPEG images. (Click here to see Cropbot's current edit count.)

How can I crop images with Cropbot?[edit]

Cropbot Interface

With Cropbot you are able to crop images without downloading them on your computer. You must create a TUSC-Account, then you can log in the cropbot-interface at tool labs. Then you can specify the image file to be cropped, the interface shows the desired image with a green border. By mouse click-and-drag you select the remaining image area, a preview shows the result. After confirming the expected crop, Cropbot uploads the cropped image with the same or optionally with a different name. If you select a different name, a note of the cropped version is placed at the original file by Bilderbot at 02:00 UTC. If you upload with the same name, you can ask the bot to search for {{Remove border}}, if it finds it, it will remove it.

If you put the following javascript in your common.js (or your vector or your monobook) you have a link in your tools to crop this file.

$( function() {
   if(wgNamespaceNumber == 6) {
      if(wgTitle.match(/(.*)\.(jpg|jpeg)/gi)) {
          var croplink = "//"+wgTitle;
          mw.util.addPortletLink("p-tb", croplink, "Crop", "p-crop", "Crop this image", "o", false);

How does Cropbot crop?[edit]

It crops JPEGs with the lossless tool jpegtran or with the tool ImageMagick.

What is the difference between "Crop exactly" and "Crop lossless"?[edit]

lossless cropping at the moment not available.

Because when cropping lossless, images of sizes which are not a multiply of the JPEG block (16 × 16 pixels for color images, 8 × 8 pixels for grayscale images) have to be cropped to the block boundary, which is mostly not exact there where you have selected. Because of that you have the feature "Crop exactly", which is not lossless, but it cuts exactly that what you have selected.

→Read more about that here

When does Cropbot work?[edit]

Cropbot works on request only, every time a user asks it to crop a file.

What if Cropbot causes problems?[edit]

Look in the file history which user operated the bot; then ask this user. It is futile to complain about wrong crops on the talk page of this bot; user can't see that. This bot shows in each edit summary which user operates the bot; ask this user. If you can't stop it, ask a admin to block the bot and notify User:Luxo on his talk page.

Where can I get the source code for Cropbot?[edit]

Cropbot is free software. You will find the source code and license for the tool here.