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Views of Jericho[edit]

Jericho's Mukataa[edit]

Jericho's Central Mosque[edit]

Tell es-Sultan‎[edit]

The Neolitic Tower[edit]

Early Bronze II period City Walls[edit]

Trench III[edit]

Area G - Early Bronze IIIb period Palace[edit]

Area B - Early Bronze IIIB period City Walls[edit]

Area A[edit]

Area A - Middle Bronze II period City Walls[edit]

Area E -Middle Bronze II period Stone Wall[edit]

View from Tell es Sultan[edit]

Dir El Qarantal[edit]

Interiors of the Qarantal[edit]


View from Dir El Qarantal[edit]

View from Dir El Qarantal Telepherique[edit]

Mount Kipros[edit]

Hisham's Palace[edit]

Bathhouse model[edit]

The Diwan[edit]

Tree of Life Mosaic[edit]

Ein El Sultan[edit]