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David's City[edit]

House of Ahiel[edit]

View from the City of David[edit]

King David's Palace[edit]

The Stepped Stone Stracture[edit]

The House of the Bullae[edit]

Jebusite Wall[edit]

Warren's shaft[edit]

Jebusite Citadel[edit]

Gihon Spring[edit]

The Canaanite Tunnel[edit]

Pool of Siloam[edit]

The Easterm Stepped Pilgrims Road[edit]

The Western Stepped Pilgrims Road[edit]

The Western Hill's Drainage Channel[edit]

Givaty Parking Lot[edit]

Roman vila remains at the City of David Givaty parking lot[edit]

Acra fortress[edit]

Zedekiah's Cave[edit]

Zedekiah's Tears[edit]

Or BiYerushalayim - Jerusalem Lights Festival[edit]

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