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This is the Wikimedia Commons userpage for Dhe Zerohander.

Dhe Zerohander ("Dhe" is pronounced "The") (January 22, 1955–December 26, 2011) lived in Chicago until his death at the age of 56. He was known in Wikipedia as "1007D", but was blocked indefinitely and used 7 more accounts called "Pop Goes the Decay", "Things That Will Bite", "Anger-Cola" and "Snake of Intelligent Ignorance", "4 Stars", "Re-act-tor" and "Zero Dimmesional", thus making him blocked indefinitely from editing that website. Zerohander was staying at Commons at the time, and never edited Wikipedia again.

Pictures uploaded[edit]

Le Pig Studios.jpg[edit]

Dhe Zerohander uploaded this picture to Wikipedia for an elaborately unsuccessful project to bring The Downward Spiral to Good Article status. The picture has some rights resevered, meaning that it's a Creative Commons image.

Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral 300x300 pixels.jpg[edit]

This 300X300 pixels picture, hence the name, was also uploaded by this user. The album cover for The Downward Spiral, albiet in its original 1994 form by Russell Mills. It was also uploaded for a failed project to improve the article in order to recieve a GA status rating.

Initially in mid-2011, a bot on Wikipedia listed "Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral 300x300 pixels.jpg" for non-free deletion, after he got blocked from editing many WP pages at that time. However, the image of the 2004 edition's front cover was set to deletion instead, after it was replaced by the 1994 edition of that album cover. In a malicious joint, both images are copyrighted, but this file was kept, while that file was deleted.

Twilight Zone tv icon.png[edit]

Zerohander copied this image from Wikipedia to Wikimedia Commons on December 25, 2011. He was a big The Twilight Zone fan, and he died on the next day of a drug overdose.

Other images[edit]

A image voted by Dhe Zerohander for best picture of 2010. The picture was ranked fifth but didn't win any prizes, failing to reach the Top 3.