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                                      Dušan Hristović,
                                      Rableova st, 16
                                      RS-11.160 Belgrade, Serbia
                                      Phone: ++381 (11)7421-693

                                      C.vitae       English    

Mr.Dušan Hristović was the computer hardware engineer and ICT consultant at the Michael Pupin Institute, Belgrade, Serbia. He was born 09.12.1929. in Lipolist (near to Sabac, Machva). He got the in EE from Belgrade University on Jan.10th 1956. The specialization in Computer engineering 1964/65 in London (an one-year course on Digital system logic design with Advanced Systems Group at ICL Ltd. England and then he got the Certificate from Federation of British Industries). He is one of the first serbian constructors of the digital computers from well-known serie CER systems (early period in Europe 1960/69). Also, he spent a short time of the ICT developments in: Paris-TH Lab. in October 1959; Frankfurt-European center of CDC in December 1967; Brussels-EAI Association in October-November 1968.

Dušan Hristović is coauthor of seven books ( "Electronic digital automata", Ed.Rad,Belgrade 1963; "Pulse electronics", Tehnička Knjiga, Belgrade 1964; "System GVS-100", IPU AN.USSR Moscow 1974; "ETAN activity 1953/83", J.S.Etan, Belgrade 1984; "Digital Computers (How computer do working)" VFC Zastava, Belgrade 1987; "TIM computers", Naučna Knjiga, Belgrade 1990; "50 Years of Computing in Serbia (Hronika digitalnih decenija)", DIS,IMP,PC-press,Belgrade 2011), and also author of about 50 scientific papers in many journals (e.g. Automatika, Elektrotehnika, Praksa AOP, Galaxy, Računari-Computers, M&A in HPEEA journal, Primenjena nauka-Applied Science, Phlogiston-SANU, Globus, IT Star Newsletter-Spring 2009).

He served as Secretary General and President of the ETRAN Society of Serbia (in period of 1980-1992) and is a founding member of the Serbian Informatics Society (DIS) from 1973. He was the Editorial board member for "Elektrotehnika " journal, Belgrade in 1981-1992 .

Dusan Hristovic was designer of the CER-10, the first yugoslav digital computer, (with Institute BK-Vinca 1960), the CER computer systems (with M.Pupin Institute - Belgrade 1965-69), the hybrid computer system HRS-100 (with AN USSR Moscow 1971), and TIM microcomputer line of PC-networks ( with IMP-Belgrade 1983-90) . Also, he was the invited lecturer of ICT in Moscow 1978, Monaco 1967, Budapest 1990 etc.

D.Hristovic is the recipient of a number of awards, prizes and recognitions diplomas (e.g: Conf.ETAN-1976 Yu-Opatija; TEHNIKA-journal 1982; MIPRO Rijeka-1987; SMEITJ Belgrade-1988; the honor member of the ETRAN Belgrade-2006; DIS Society, Belgrade, DIS-2008 and DIS-2013 diplomas for the important results and extraordinary contribution in development of Informatics in Serbia).

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