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I'm an Egyptian Wikipedia editor and a great advocate of freely accessible content. Most of my time I spend categorizing images and asking people to release their images for Commons so they can be freely used and incorporated into articles. I upload flickr images via my bot User:Dudubot and do various tedious work with it. One of my main interests is to improve the coverage of Egypt in the various Wikimedia projects.

Batch uploads[edit]

The following are Batch uploads that I did.

  1. El Museo Historico National (40) (Category)
  2. TIFF 09 (Category)
  3. Firearms (500)
  4. Tour d'Afrique (77)
  5. Egypt 1000
  6. Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (100)
  7. Photographs by Erling Mandelmann about notable people. (583) (Category)
  8. Travelers in the Middle East Archive (2000)

Works where Permission was granted[edit]

Media that I have acquired over otrs permissions and flickr discussions are listed below.

Helpful tools[edit]

  • Glamorous to find out the usage of images in one category on Wikipedias.
  • CatScan to find specific images in a category.