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Final Vote[edit]

Jury preferences[edit]

Caroll Highsmith[edit]

Daniel Schwen[edit]

David Shankbone[edit]

Heather Moran[edit]

Howard Cheng[edit]

Rick Prellinger[edit]

Daniel Case[edit]

<gallery> File:Cannon Row.jpg| An early favorite as I was reviewing these. Very dignified and historic ... something you'd expect the NPS to use on their site File:Cleveland West Pierhead Lighthouse.jpg|How to photograph a lighthouse File:Dealey Mid Morning.jpg|Looks like the cover of a sci-fi paperback from the 1970s. File:Mount_Rainier_from_above_Myrtle_Falls_in_August.JPG|Good landscape in an area that must be filled with possibilities File:ME - Portland Head Light - Cape Elizabeth ME 02.jpg|An obvious shot, and as such easy to screw up. But not here File:Highland Lighthouse.jpg|Nice postcard image File:Shell_Oil_Com_any_"Spectacular"_Sign.JPG|If I have to pick any neon lighting from these I pick this for its simplicity File:U.S. Route 1, Florida Keys.jpg|Usually you have to choose between being arty and being encyclopedic. This one gets to have it both ways File:Vermont State House in Montpelier.jpg|Exactly what you'd expect the Vermont state capitol to look like File:Wukoki Ruin.tif|Light raking at just the right angle for this composition (Would like to have it in a more accessible format, though)