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You will find more about me and my pictures here.


Remark on licensing[edit]

Hinweis zur Lizenzierung und Nutzung meiner Bilder   Information about licensing and usage of my images

„Freie Enzyklopädie“ bedeutet: Kostenlos verfügbare Inhalte, aber urheberrechtlich geschützt.

Meine Bilder sind unter der GNU Lizenz für freie Dokumention (GFDL) und der CreativeCommons (CC) lizensiert. Das bedeutet, daß Sie die Bilder bei Nennung des Autors und der Lizenz frei nutzen dürfen. Das bedeutet im Einzelnen:

Wenn Sie meine Bilder verwenden wollen, tun Sie dies einfach und problemlos konform der entsprechenden Lizenzen, eine weitere Rücksprache ist nicht erforderlich. Sie müssen den Bildautor und die Lizenz nennen. Im Fall GFDL-lizenzierter Bilder bedeutet dies: Im Internet müssen Sie auf den Originaltext der Lizenz verlinken, bei Druckwerken müssen Sie den Lizenztext abdrucken. Bei CreativeCommons-lizenzierten Bildern ist es üblicherweise ausreichend, die entsprechende Lizenz anzugeben.

Bilder, die mit CC-BY-SA lizenziert sind, dürfen unter dieser Lizenz auch für kommerzielle Zwecke genutzt werden. Bilder, die mit CC-BY-NC-ND lizenziert sind, dürfen unter dieser Lizemz nicht kommerziell verwendet werden. In diesem Fall müssen Sie die Alternative GFDL wählen.


"Free encyclopedia" means: Contents free of charge, but protected by copyright laws.

My images are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and CreativeCommons (CC). That means you may use my images free of charge against a little immaterial eqivalent, naming the author and license. That means in detail:

If you'd like to use one of my images, please use it simply and without difficulty according to the terms of the respective licence without any further requests. I.e., you have to name the author and the license. In case of GFDL-licensed images: On the internet you have to put a link to the original license text, and in print works you have to reprint the full license text. In case of a CC-licensed image it is normally sufficient to mention the respective license.

Images licensed under CC-BY-SA may be used commercially under that license. Images licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND may not be used commercially under the respective licence. In that case you have alternatively to choose GFDL.

Some of my offered photographs and illustrations are marked with a reference to the Museum Wiesbaden - Natural History Collection (MWNH) (Naturhistorische Sammlung), where I'm working. In a case like that the object is housed in this collection, but the photograph is made by myself and the work is out of copyright. In addition there is usually no common copyright on natural objects, in contrast to art. Natural objects are collected and stored for scientific studies and education.



Categories and articles[edit]

I'm specially interested in the catgeory Diptera (Flies). So I try to support the arrangement system of images. Some topics have specific guidelines for the organisation of media, such as plants and animals which fall under the WikiProject Tree of Life. Therefore I used only categories for the images up to the systematic level of families (e.g. Category:Asilidae) in the past. Identified species were only stored in articles (e.g. Dioctria atricapilla) - without adding a category. There are several arguments pro and contra. Nevertheless users and administrators discussed that very detailed and the new conclusion is offered on Categories vs Galleries. Now we have to add categories for all media. The proposed policy with discussion at the Tree of Life project can be found here:

Unfortunately, I have to accept it, too.