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Where I've been...[edit]

  • ...for decades: Flag of Spain.svg
  • ...for years: Flag of Ireland.svg - Flag of Chile.svg
  • ...for months: Flag of Argentina.svg - Flag of Portugal.svg - Flag of England.svg - Flag of Brazil.svg
  • ...for weeks: Flag of Morocco.svg - Flag of France.svg - Flag of Bolivia.svg - Flag of Peru.svg - Flag of Ecuador.svg - Flag of Costa Rica.svg - Flag of Guatemala.svg - Flag of Mexico.svg - Flag of Cuba.svg - Flag of the Czech Republic.svg - Flag of Germany.svg - Flag of Australia.svg
  • ...for days: Flag of the Netherlands.svg - Flag of Uruguay.svg - Flag of Scotland.svg - Flag of Northern Ireland.svg - Flag of Panama.svg - Flag of Honduras.svg - Flag of Nicaragua.svg - Flag of Hungary.svg - Flag of Andorra.svg - Flag of New Zealand.svg
  • ...for a few hours: Flag of Colombia.svg - Flag of Switzerland.svg

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Trinidad, Cuba

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