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Long-time toiler in the trenches of information technology, sometime front-line fighter against ignorance, past open courseware advocate. Perhaps proudest of the Florida nursing students I coaxed through College Algebra. Most had not finished high school and were empty-nest returning students literally terrified by unknowns.

Long-time netizen and dabbler in many fields; technology editor/writer and Photoshop enthusiast with graduate work in existentialism. My network certifications are more obscure than yours ;)

Recent Wikimedia/Wikipedia work:

  • Categorized and restored many images on Wikimedia's National Archives project. Especially like images of the American Southwest. Have linked up numerous orphan pages on Wikisource. In general, scatter missing punctuation like fairy dust, usually on pages originally visited for other reasons. Sometimes accompany edits with "citation needed" tags. Occasionally pick something at random from lists of pages tagged as needing help.
  • Rewrote parts of the English-language Wikipedia article on virtual private networks.
  • Translated material from the French-language Wikipedia and blended it into the existing Incroyables and Merveilleuses on the English Wikipedia; I also linked the article, which had been little more than a stub, to sources in the French National Library, the French Wikisource, and to out-of-print biographies preserved at Created a gallery of eleven images for the page and added a couple of illustrations to the page itself.