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Notice en: All the images below are Creative Commons, so you can use them, but attribution is required. Thank you.
es: Las imágenes siguientes son Creative Commons, de modo que puedes usarlas, pero cítame como autor. Gracias.
Welcome, you are in my gallery. (Roman Theatre in Cádiz)

en: Hi, you can find here some of my photos sorted by location. I'm not a good photographer but I like to share my pics. There are more available (but unsorted) in Category:Files by User:Emijrp.

es: Hola, aquí encontrarás algunas de mis fotos ordenadas por lugar. No soy un gran fotógrafo pero me gusta compartir mis imágenes. En Category:Files by User:Emijrp hay algunas más, aunque desordenadas.

Nikon D3100[edit]

Photos taken with my new and cool Nikon D3100.


Cadiz is a city and port in southwestern Spain, the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula and possibly all southwestern Europe.

Poniente Tower[edit]

View of Cádiz and the harbour from Poniente Tower.

These photos were taken from Poniente Tower in the Cádiz Cathedral.

15-O demonstration[edit]

15-O demonstration passing through Spain square.

15M demonstration in October 15, 2011.

El Puerto de Santa María[edit]

El Puerto de Santa María (Spanish: "The Port of Saint Mary", locally known as just El Puerto) is a municipality located on the banks of the Guadalete River in the province of Cádiz, Spain.



Main gallery: Plaza de toros de El Puerto.
Bull statue and bullring in the background.
Purullena Palace[edit]
San Luis Gonzaga[edit]


Aurora Chapel[edit]
Mayor Prioral Church[edit]
Main gallery: Priory Church, El Puerto de Santa María.
Priory Church from Spain square.


Main gallery: Museo Arqueológico Municipal de El Puerto de Santa María.

Squares and streets[edit]


To do.


Compact cameras[edit]

Olympus u5000

Photos taken with compact cameras: Olympus C-60 (6,1 MP) and Olympus u5000 (12 MP).

Alcalá de Henares[edit]

Cervantes square in Alcalá de Henares.



Tiny view of Cádiz Cathedral from any street.
Cortes de Cádiz monument from San Carlos walls.

19-J demonstration[edit]

21-M Paseo reflexivo[edit]

Roman Theatre[edit]

University of Cádiz[edit]

El Puerto de Santa María[edit]

The sunk Vaporcito de El Puerto in the harbour, next to Calderón Park.


Fuerte ciudad battery.


El Buzo beach.


Plaza de toros de El Puerto.

Doña Blanca archaeological site[edit]

Doña Blanca archaeological site.

Holy Week[edit]

Municipal museum[edit]

San Marcos castle[edit]

San Marcos castle.

Santa Catalina castle[edit]

Santa Catalina castle ruins.
Santa Catalina castle tower.



Espera castle.


Sierra Nevada.

Jerez de la Frontera[edit]

Feria de Jerez 2007.

Jerez zoo[edit]


Santa María de la Oliva church in Lebrija.

Las Cabezas de San Juan[edit]

Los alcornocales park[edit]


Los Almeriques park[edit]

Los Almeriques park, the windmill was working hard.

Puerto Real[edit]