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Nuvola apps important.svg This file has an incorrect name.
Error: You must specify a correctly named image. This file qualifies for speedy deletion.
  • Please use {{Bad name|correctly named image}} and make sure the correctly named image appears here on the right.
  • Please use {{duplicate|correctly named image}} instead if you are not the uploader of this file, or the file is already used on other projects (check usage) (speedy check)

Admins: Follow the directions on Commons:Deletion guidelines
Do not delete this page until all uses have been replaced! Only use for images that are exact duplicates!

Admins: Delete this image.

Use this template to tag incorrectly named images if you are the uploader and they are not used, with {{Bad name|Image:example.jpg}}. It puts them in the speedy category Category:Duplicate. Please use {{duplicate}} otherwise. To suggest renaming of an incorrectly named image, use {{Rename image}}.