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They come from my site, visit the Museum to find the photographs and more.

They are under the CC BY-SA License, so do not hesitate to use them as long as you credit me or, and share them with the same license.

Let me know if you want that I upload something from that is not yet here!


Intel 4004 (1971)[edit]

Intel 4040 (1974)[edit]

Intel 8008 (1972)[edit]

Intel 8080 (1974)[edit]

Intel 8085 (1976)[edit]

Intel 8086 (1978) et 8088 (1979)[edit]

Intel 80186 (1982)[edit]

Intel 80286 (1982)[edit]

Intel i386 (1985)[edit]

Intel 80486 (1989)[edit]

Intel Pentium (1993)[edit]

Intel Pentium Pro (1995)[edit]

Intel Pentium II (1997)[edit]

Intel Pentium III (1999)[edit]


Intel 1103[edit]


Spesmiloj and Steloj[edit]

Looking for the 2 Spesmiloj Coin since years, let me know if you are aware of any that might be for sale!