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Hello, I'm French and I live in Brittany. My work on Commons will largely be vector of Intelligence agency, police and military insignia. Click here to see my work [1] . Sadly some of my work is delete of the commons by the admin for copyright, so some vector are exclusive to french wiki.

Flag of France.svg
Gwenn ha Du (11 mouchetures).svg

Some of my work in SVG[edit]

Emblem of french government agency

Emblem of police special units[edit]

French police emblem[edit]

Police id patch[edit]

Private security[edit]

Emblem of French units[edit]

Emblem of French OPEX / homeland operations[edit]

Emblem of British defense forces units[edit]

Emblem of Maltese defense forces units

Emblem of Australian special forces

Emblem of United States forces

Emblem of Norwegian special forces

Emblem of Poland special forces

Units of other countries[edit]