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Hello, I'm French and I live in Brittany. My work on Commons will largely be vector of Intelligence agency, police and military insignia. Click here to see my work [1] . Sadly some of my work is delete of the commons by the admin for copyright, so some vector are exclusive to french wiki.

Some of my work in SVG[edit]

Emblem of french government agency

Emblem of police special units[edit]

French police emblem[edit]

Police id patch[edit]

Private security[edit]

Emblem of French units[edit]

Emblem of French OPEX / homeland operations[edit]

Emblem of British defense forces units[edit]

Emblem of Maltese defense forces units

Emblem of Australian special forces

Emblem of United States forces

Emblem of Norwegian special forces

Emblem of Poland special forces

Units of other countries[edit]