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User:Fuzheado on English Wikipedia

Conflict of interest disclosures[edit]

  • I have served in several roles with cultural and heritage institutions, sometimes as a volunteer, in pro-bono work, or in compensated roles:
    • As of 2020, I work with the en:Smithsonian Institution as Wikimedian-at-large in a compensated role, helping the museums, research institutions, affiliates and educational units with contributing their content under their open access initiative and Strategic Plan 2022.
    • As of 2019, I work with the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a Wikimedia Strategist in a compensated role, working with their collections managers and developers with content contributions and Wikidata work related to their Open Access initiative.
    • I have worked with the en:Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in the launch of their performing arts and cultural facility in Mumbai, India, from March-April 2023. This included the release of open access images and video covering Indian arts, culture, and fashion as well as the upload of 360 imagery from the account User:NMACC_India
    • I worked with the Varkey Foundation in promoting their en:Global Teacher Prize and helping to release their content under a free license. I have contributed photos from their event to Wikimedia Commons and helped create a stand-alone en:Global Teacher Prize page (split from the main en:Varkey Foundation article) and removed overly-promotional language in 2018.
    • I worked with the en:Pulitzer Prizes to take high-quality portrait photos of winners (journalists, authors, artists) and upload them to Wikimedia Commons in 2018. They can be found here at Category:2018_Pulitzer_Prizes.
    • I worked with the en:Cleveland Museum of Art on file uploads and the creation of Wikidata items related to their release of open access materials in January 2019.
  • My goal is to make mutually beneficial contributions of multimedia and metadata more accessible to the public via collaboration with the Wikimedia community. Sometimes that is through facilitating content donations, code contributions, or teaching and service. As a veteran Wikipedian since 2003 and an administrator on English Wikipedia and Wikidata, I strive to abide by the Wikimedia movement's accepted policies and Terms of Use on conflicts of interest.
  • The original WP:COI policy had a prime directive that I abide by: "When advancing outside interests is more important to an editor than advancing the aims of Wikipedia, that editor stands in a conflict of interest." In this spirit, partnerships can thrive with coincident and reinforcing goals of advancing the content of Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Commons through the knowledge and resources of GLAM institutions. This distinction is important since not all "paid" editing is seen as inherently contradictory to the Wikimedia community's goals, in the same way, that not pure "volunteer" editing is not always virtuous. In the past, I have helped establish guidelines and best practices for public relations and corporate communications professionals to maintain a hands-off policy for Wikipedia content, which can be seen at WP:PRCOM, which was a crucial point in Wikimedia movement's history.