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This user is a fan of black & white film photography. The last years he uses mostly Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5 400ASA black and white films and develops them with Kodak D-76 / Ilford ID11 developer. His favorite camera is a Nikon FM2. Parallel he uses a Nikon D700 and Nikon D750 for digital images (most of the images that he uploads to wikimedia are made with the Nikon D700/D750). He uses the same manual lenses in both cameras (Nikon FM2 and D700).

Pictures that ggia likes to make are black and white photos shot by film, and he enjoys film grain (noise).. Some of his work you can find in his personal blog-gallery: eggs-in-art. The following category contains videos created by User:Ggia.

Exzellente Bilder 28 featured images by ggia in commons:

Zlatograd, Bulgaria. Featured 10 May 2010.
Spinalonga island, Elouda, Creta, Greece. Featured 21 May 2010.
Thermes - Xanthi hot-spa springs, Xanthi Prefecture, Greece. Featured 24 July 2010.
Santa Severina, Calabria, Italy. Featured 21 August 2010.
Kotani village, Xanthi, Greece. Featured 22 September 2010.
Marmaritsa beach, Maronia, Rhodope, Greece. Featured 4 October 2010.
17-18 century bridge - Kompsatos river, Thrace, Greece. Featured 6 October 2010.
Kardamos beach, Imbros/Gökçeada island, Turkey. Featured 30 October 2010.
Porto Lagos, Agios Nikolas (Metochi of monastery of Batopedio), Vistonida lake, Xanthi, Greece. Featured 1 November 2010.
Sheep-goats shepherd / Vistonida lake landscape, Glikoneri, Rhodope Prefecture, Thrace, Greece. Featured 11 November 2010.
Acropolis of Athens panorama (panoramic view from Areopagus hill), Athens, Greece. Featured 11 November 2010.
Galata tower - Istanbul under fog, Panorama - Turkey. Featured 21 November 2010.
"Crkva Gospa od Zdravlja" (translated in English "Our Lady of Health") church, Kotor bay, Montenegro. Featured 13 December 2010.
Terrace of the Lions, Delos island, Cyclades, Greece. Featured 18 December 2010.
Kharanaq old city, Iran. Featured 16 February 2011.
North walls of Ani, Turkey. Featured 19 June 2011.
Panoramic view of Tbilisi, Georgia. Featured 23 June 2011.
Boudhanath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal. Featured 5 November 2011.
North Face of Everest Tibet China. Featured 11 November 2011.
Jamed Kabir Mosque and Roknedin Mauseleum, Yazd - Iran. Featured 15 November 2011.
Panorama of Naqsh-e Rostam, Shiraz, Iran. Featured 28 November 2011.
Arrested refugees immigrants in Fylakio detention center Thrace Evros Greece. Featured 9 December 2011.
Panoramic view of Golden Horn from Pierre Loti Cafe, Istanbul, Turkey. Featured 17 January 2012.
Riots after the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Sina Street - Faculty of law, Athens, Greece.. Featured 15 February 2012.
Erotic detail (zoophilia) from the base of Lakshmana Temple in Khajuraho (India). Featured 23 April 2012.
Edirne view from the top of the Minaret of Selimiye Mosque, Edirne - Turkey. Featured 17 June 2012.
Syrian and Iraq refugees arrive from Turkey to Skala Sykamias, Lesvos island, Greece. Spanish volunteers (life rescue team - with yellow-red clothes) from "Proactiva open arms" help the refugees. Featured 5 December 2015.
Towers of silence - Zoroastrians Dakhmeh (graveyard), Yazd, Iran.. Featured 11 December 2015.

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Converting wav to ogg commandline: oggnc2 <file.wav>