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  • English: Heya! I am Tom. I currently reside in Copenhagen, Denmark with my wife and our rescued Black Lab-Great Pyrenees mix. I am a cartographer by trade and I write FishEye, a newsletter about geography, technology, politics, and culture and how they intersect. Most of the Wikimedia things I have done can be found on my English Wikipedia userpage.
  • Français : Désolé, je lire le français bien mais je ecrit le français mal. Bonjour! Je m'apelle Tom. J'habite à Copenhague avec mon épouse et notre chien. Je suis cartographe et j'écris «FishEye», une newsletter sur la géographie, la technologie, la politique et la culture. Mon travaille pour Wikimedia est sur le Wikipédia Anglais.
  • Dansk: Hej! Jeg er Tom og jeg bor i København.


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  • credit me as the cartographer (place the notice "© Tom Fish," either below the image, or make sure it is displayed after clicking on the photo; for printed media or for videos it is sufficient to mention the authorship in the imprint section or the description respectively)


I would appreciate being notified if you use my work outside of a Wikimedia Project.

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{{Natural Earth}}

====International boundary====
The international boundaries are sourced from the [ Large Scale International Boundaries] published by the US Department of State

====State boundary====
The state boundaries are sourced from [ STATE_BOUNDS] published by the US Geological Survey

The state boundaries are sourced from the [ 2020 Cartographic Boundary Files] published by the US Census Bureau

The road data are sourced from the [ National Highway Planning Network] version 14.05 published by the US Department of Transportation

===Final Map===
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