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O Isis und Osiris

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Colorblind friendly text, images, and equations[edit]

Download this svg image from commons and paste it into your Inkscape image draft.

Copy this section into a sandbox page if you need a colorblind-friendly palette. The colors[1] shown are


#E69F00=Orange rgb(230,159,0)

#56B4E9=Sky Blue rgb(86,180,233)

#009E73=Bluish Green rgb(0,158,115)

#F0E442=Yellow rgb(240,228,66)

#0072B2=Blue rgb(0,114,178)

#D55E00=Vermilion rgb(213,94,0)

#CC79A7=Reddish Purple rgb(204,121,167)

#BBBBBB=Grey rgb(187,187,187)

  1. online converter