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I started contribution to Wikipedia on 11th March 2004. My interest at present primarily is my religion, which is Sikhism. I was born as a Sikh and have been ‘practising’ my faith for at least the last 30 years. Geographically, I am based in Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom|UK, which is a suburb just outside the Greater London border.

I was brought up in East Africa but my parents are both originally from Jalandhar in India. I relocated to the UK in the late 1960's soon after Kenya became independent in 1963. As an infant, my family lived in a small town 14 miles from Nairobi called Ruiru. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. From the age of about 9 years to about 12 years, we moved to a small provincial town which was then called Fort Hall - the name of the town has now changed to Murangʼa.

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My Sikhi Background[edit]

Apart from SGGS guidance, I have had the good fortune to share Gurmat blessings from Pujay Baba Puran Singh, Kericho wala. Baba ji was the most gifted "puran" Gursikh that I have met so far in my life. He was an inspiration to thousand of Sikhs in East Africa, UK and many other parts of the world. He was the spiritual founder of the GNNSJ in Birmingham, UK

Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world but the youngest of all the present faith systems. I believe that my religion is unique in that it encompasses and embraces all recognised world religion. You might say I am biased!! And you may be right. But I think that the Sikhism|Sikh religion is highly underrated. It is one of only faiths for which most of the history is still well documented and "alive" through buildings that exist and un-adulterated literature that can be verified. The SGGS for example is known to be in the same form as left by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth master in 1708.

A Sikh does not have monopoly on God – Good people of all faith can achieve salvation and unity with God. This I believe is a wonderful ideal and a basic for achieving a continuous state of peace in the world.

Guru Nanak was the founder of this faith and was in instigator of the primary principles of the religion. A Sikh believes in One God for all beings; this leads to the belief in the equality of all people; to live a life in humility and service to the needy; to live is a continuous state of optimism Chardikala and trust in the Almighty. To stay detached from the world but yet perform with dedication all the duties expected of a householder; to accept the will of God; to work honestly and consistently while at all times accepting that this gift of life is due to the blessings of the one Lord.

Family Background[edit]

My early childhood was spent in East Africa with my parents, 2 other brothers and a sister. My father was employed by East African Power & Lighting Co Ltd. Due to his employment, the family moved to various different locations in Kenya. Ruiru, Wanji (near Fort Hall) and Nairobi South were location where the company had power generation plants. The Ruiru Plant used to be a wood burning power generation plant which was upgraded to a diesel plant probably during the 1950's. Wanji had a large hydro electric generator and diesel and turbine generation was used at Nairobi South.


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