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== Your Flickr uploads ==

Hello {{PAGENAME}}!

Thanks a lot for your contributions! Thank you for transferring images from Flickr to Commons! Two hints ahead:
* Always upload the highest resolution of a photograph that is available on flickr
* You can use [ this tool] for your flickr uploads. It makes the whole procedure much easier and faster for you!<br/>
Thank you for your support! Greetings, ~~~~

Bilder von Wiki nach Commons

== Image transfer from Wikipedia to Commons ==

Hello {{PAGENAME}}!

Thanks a lot for your contributions! If you transfer images from Wikipedia to Commons, please use [ this tool]. This tool retains all relevant information with correct sourcing and licencing. And by the way it makes file transfers faster and easier for the uploader.

Thank you for your support! Greetings, ~~~~


== [[:Image:XY.jpg]] and others ==
Hello {{PAGENAME}}!

Thank you for uploading files on Commons.

Please add images to most relevant categories, for example [[:Category:Toyota vehicles]], not in generic ones like [[:Category:Automobiles]]. Generic categories could be easily become overcrowded and useless for search.<br/>
Thank you for your support! Greetings, ~~~~

{{subst:use sub-categories}}

Eigenes Werk

== [[:Image:XY.jpg]] and others ==
Hello {{PAGENAME}}!

First of all, thank you for your contributions!

Is this file your ''own work''? Are you the photographer/author of this file? If yes, please insert {{tl|Self photographed}} as source instead of "XYZ". This is essential for keeping this image on Commons because this shows explicitly that this photograph is your own work.

Thanks in advance for your support. --~~~~

Hinweis auf Erste Schritte

== Your uploads ==

Hello {{PAGENAME}}!

Next time you may consider to
* Replace "my source" with the correct source, the website you had taken the image from
* Add the correct name of the author, the photographers name, and not your name, thats totaly inapropriate
* do not upload images from random, non-free website but read the [[COM:FS|basic instructions of a project]] before working on it.
Thank you for your support! --~~~~

Hinweis: Kategorie wurde verschoben

== Moved incorrectly named category ==

Hello {{PAGENAME}}, I just did {{Move cat|ALT|NEU}} as to comply with commons naming rules and the naming in its contained subcategories. 

Thanks for your support. Happy editing. --~~~~

Dank: für die gute Arbeit


Hello {{PAGENAME}}!

Thanks for your efforts in identifying aircraft!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or post your question [[COM:VP|here]], on our ''village pump''. Happy editing! Greetings, ~~~~


== Preseclection of images ==

Hello {{PAGENAME}}!

Thank you for your willingness of releasing photographs by you under free licenses on Commons. But there are some image of you which are of substandard quality due to its chosen composition or because of a subotimal catch of the motive - for instance this one: [[:File:XXX]]. As such, please look over your photographs before you want to upload them in order to check which ones are the best and upload only those.

Would be a great support if you do so!

Kindest regards, ~~~~


== Picase image uploads ==

If you upload images from Picasa, always use this tag {{tl|picasareview}} in order to let them countercheck by other users. This is a basic regulation on Commons. Thank you in advance. Best regards, ~~~~


    • OpposeLooks flat, slightly underexposed and taken in poor light
  • Non-free Google content with bogus licensing claims. The content on Google Maps does not come from NASA
  • Private image which is not used on any Wikimedia project - very likely not useful for educational purposes. See also [[Commons:What Commons is not#Commons is not your personal free web host]].
  • Several images appear in this collage. The source and author information of every image used in this collage is missing or is insufficient.
  • The image has a low pixel count and there are no valid EXIF information. It is highly likely not the uploader's own work.
  • Out of scope: Commons is no private photo album; the educational value of this file is highly doubtful as long as it is not used on any Wikimedia project or on the uploader's userpage
  • This is a [[COM:DW|derivative work]] of a model. Scale models are eligible for copyright (see [ Visual Arts (VA) registration form], [ 17 U.S.C. § 101] and the explanation/case law/etc. at [[User:Elcobbola/Models]].