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What follows are examples of what is considered appropriate and inappropriate usage of image annotations according to the guideline, but they are not part of the guideline itself, and shouldn't be considered as such. You should always refer to the guideline in deciding when an annotation is appropriate or not.

Examples of appropriate annotations[edit]

Berliner kongress.jpg
✓OK Identification of people in group photographs or paintings

A. Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw (Aerial).jpg
✓OK Identification of places/objects/locations in panoramic/aerial photographs

Image-February 21, 2008 lunar eclipse and stars, West Hartford, CT, 3-17 UTC.jpg
✓OK Highlighting important hard to notice details of the image

Icons 1e-6m to 1e5m squares 512pixel.png
✓OK Identify the various elements of a composition

Jheronimus Bosch 115.jpg
✓OK Zoom into more detailed images or show another angle of view

US Navy 030309-N-4142G-001 Capt Clay Pinson gives a double thumbs up for a job well done during an underway replenishment (UNREP) with the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CV 64).jpg
✓OK Transcribing inscriptions, signs, or words in the image. If the entire image is a sign or an inscription, this should be done in the {{information}} template only. This can be useful with hard to read or notice signs. It allows text translations and can allow search engines to find the image based on such text.

Examples of inappropriate annotations[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Talking ("I like this", "This photo is underexposed", "Hot!", "Lousy reproduction", "The description is wrong", etc.), or in general making comments about the image instead of neutrally describing features in the image. Use the file discussion page for commenting about the image (there is a "discussion" link at the top of every file description page).

Design for an Aesthetic theatrical poster.png
X mark.svg Not OK Notes containing derogatory comments of any kind, or containing any text that is not neutral. Such notes are considered vandalism.

Image-February 21, 2008 lunar eclipse and stars, West Hartford, CT, 3-17 UTC.jpg
X mark.svg Not OK Notes too small to see easily. Bear in mind that you might be looking at a scaled-down version of an image though.

Titan globe.jpg
X mark.svg Not OK Notes with text relevant to the whole image. For example single person portraits. Such explanations are better written on the file page, typically in the "description" section of the {{information}} table. Edit the file page directly (click on the "edit" link at the top of the page), locate a line starting with "description=", and add your text after that.

X mark.svg Not OK Attribution notes

Jimmy Wales Fundraiser Appeal.JPG
X mark.svg Not OK Notes with information plainly visible in the image, like: ear (on a portrait), car (on a street scene), head (on a full shot).

X mark.svg Not OK Notes on animated files where note is correctly placed only in a single frame. This type of notes are more likely to be confusing and should be used with caution.

Trento-panorama canton.jpg
X mark.svg Not OK Notes used to point out details of the image related to a discussion, for example on COM:FPC or COM:DR pages. Please use local_annotations for that purpose.

X mark.svg Not OK Joke notes and notes with text not related to the image.