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  • This user thinks that Wikipedia is one of the most outstanding things on the internet.

  • This user is an advocate of animals who has rescued homeless cats and taken them to a county animal shelter.

  • This user has enormous respect for veterans, especially those who have given their lives in service to our country.

  • This user is a male WASP who champions equal rights for women, minorities, and all others, regardless of religion, physical or emotional handicap or ethnic group.

  • This user has collected so many books on film history, he may soon have to rent a storage unit!

About me[edit]

  • I truly Wikipedia. When I was a kid, I would sit for hours and read the World Book Encyclopedia. Now I read Wikipedia for hours on end.
  • I am absolutely fascinated with films, TV, theater, and the performing arts. I love writing about them to provide accurate information for future historians.
  • I speak some Spanish (Español), but I am not fluent. I can get by with a dictionary.
  • I enjoy fighting vandalism on Wikipedia. I believe by handling vandals with the proper approach, in the future they may become valuable contributors to Wikipedia. Once they have had their fun, the novelty wears off quickly. Everyone grows and matures every day, and eventually we can bring out some good from these mischief makers.
  • I believe in teaching our young people to become good citizens of the future. That is why I love contributing to Wikipedia to help them along. I believe we should write down everything of importance that we have in our heads so that it can be passed on to young people and future generations.
  • I have tremendous respect for anyone who is a good parent. Properly raising children is essential to our future, and we should all thank our mothers and fathers for everything they have done for us, especially if we didn't appreciate them for years and even if they were less than perfect. After reading biographies of famous people about whom I previously had mixed feelings, I have gained enormous admiration for them after learning that they are (or were) good parents. Recently, I walked up to a complete stranger in a fast food restaurant who was utterly exasperated because he was dealing with a very unruly child. I said "You are a good father". He looked up at me as though I were an angel, and it was quite obvious that I had made his day, as he really needed that motivational boost at that moment. I encourage everyone to tell parents when you see that they are doing a good job, as it can be an extremely frustrating, thankless job. Parents need encouragement to do their important work.