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I am engineer and specialized in nuclear power plants safety. My main hobby is the collection of classic stamps, especially from the "Deutsches Reich" and the KK Austria-Hungary monarchy, with emphasis on the origin of the cancellations. I have developped databases for this purpose. 13 May 2012 - 20 Oct 2013

My grandfather was a landscape painter, and this reflects in the way I compose pictures.

I am autopatrolled since 1 November 2012.

I have studied the concept of thesaurus in order to manage documentation softwares. Hence my interest in the categories and links between them. I try to apply those concepts in the Wikimedia art media.

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Philatelic Galleries created[edit]

Since December 2014, I am very active on the Stamps of the World (SOTW) wiki.

Stamps Galleries[edit]


  • Victoria of the United Kingdom on stamps
  • Stamps of Belgium
  • Stamps of Mauritius
  • Stamps of Suez Canal
  • Stamps of Congo Free State
  • Stamps of Belgian Congo
  • Stamps of the Grand Duchy of Finland
  • Stamps of Fiume

Colours of stamps by shades[edit]

  • Blue, Brown, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet (purple), Yellow stamps shades
  • Later: Grey


  • Stamps of the Empire of Austria, 1850
  • Stamps of the Empire of Austria, 1858
  • Stamps of the Empire of Austria, 1861
  • Stamps of the Empire of Austria, 1863
  • Stamps of Austria, 1867-1917
  • Stamps of the Kingdom of Hungary (1871-1918)
  • Austria-Hungary Military Post
  • Stamps of Lombardy-Venetia
  • Newspaper stamps of Austria
  • Postage due stamps of Austria
  • Telegraph stamps of Austria
  • Stamps of Austrian post offices abroad, usually called Österreichische Post in der Levante (1863-1914, sorted by issue)

German area[edit]

  • Stamps of Bavaria (1849-1920)
  • Stamps of the Kingdom of Hanover (1850-1864)
  • Stamps of the Kingdom of Prussia (1850-1867)
  • Stamps of the Kingdom of Württemberg (1851-1920)
  • Stamps of Oldenburg (1852-1867)
  • Stamps of the North German Confederation (1868-1870)
  • Stamps of Germany, 1872-1900
  • Stamps of Germany, 1902-1919
  • Stamps of Germany, 1919-1933
  • Stamps of German East Africa
  • Stamps of Deutsche Post in China
  • Stamps of Cameroons, 1887-1921.


From Austria-Hungary lands[edit]

  • Postmarks of Austria-Hungary
  • Postmarks of Croatia
  • Postmarks of the Czech Lands
  • Postmarks of Hungary
  • Postmarks of Montenegro
  • Postmarks of Poland, 1850-1918
  • Postmarks of Romania
  • Postmarks of Serbia
  • Postmarks of Slovakia
  • Postmarks of Slovenia
  • Postmarks of Ukraine, 1850-1919

From Germany[edit]

The 16 Länder should eventually be covered:

  • Postmarks of Baden-Wurtemberg
  • Postmarks of Bavaria
  • Postmarks of Berlin
  • Postmarks of Brandenburg
  • Postmarks of Hamburg (later)
  • Postmarks of Hesse
  • Postmarks of Lower-Saxony
  • Postmarks of Mecklemburg-Vorpommern
  • Postmarks of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Postmarks of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Postmarks of Saxony
  • Postmarks of Saxony-Anhalt
  • Postmarks of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Postmarks of Thuringia

Other countries[edit]

  • Postmarks of Bolivia

Locations Galleries created[edit]

In chronological order mainly

  • Kellergasse


  • St.Laurentius (Dattenfeld) (North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • Neunburg vorm Wald (Bavaria)
  • Schloss Ludwigsburg
  • Marienmünster (Dießen), Altars
  • Marienkirche (Freyburg, Unstrut) (Saxony-Anhalt) in 2014


  • Freistadt (Upper Austria)
  • Stein (Krems) (Lower Austria)
  • Gurgler Kamm (Ötztaler Alps)

Czech Republic[edit]

  • Kratochvile castle (Bohemia)
  • Country baroque (Selské baroko) vernacular architecture in the České Budějovice District, and the 6 other Districts of South Bohemian Region
  • Záborí (České Budejovice District)
  • Holašovice (vernacular architecture)
  • Mělník (Bohemia)
  • Hranice (Moravia)
  • Teplice nad Bečvou (Moravia)
  • Kroměříži Flower Garden (Moravia)


  • Oleye (Liège)

Substantial contributions:

  • Diez (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Église Ste Croix (Kaysersberg) (Alsace) in 2014
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