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I am engineer and specialized in nuclear power plants safety. My main hobby is the collection of classic stamps: the Britsh Empire, many independent states, the German Empire and the KK Austria-Hungary monarchy, with emphasis on quality cancellations. I have developped databases for this purpose (help in identification of post offices, for ex all offices in 1867 in the Empire of Austria). 13 May 2012 - 20 Oct 2013 - 2 March 2019

My grandfather was a landscape painter, and this reflects in the way I compose pictures.

I am autopatrolled since 1 November 2012.

I have studied the concept of thesaurus in order to manage documentation softwares. Hence my interest in the categories and links between them. I try to apply those concepts in the Wikimedia art media, architecture categories. I work a lot in identifying more precise, defined categories. For example, many do not distinguish between door, gate, doorway, portal.. normal, if those words are not defined!

Another issue is the reluctance of some to accept that parent categories are not needed once more specific ones are created, with very strong links (like for locations).

I have a problem with the invasive category ;; by city: undefined (should be by location), biased (all available views are rarely repeated under this cat), redundant (location is already stated in basic cat), in violation with the needed hierarchy by location, etc (2016).

I fully share the beliefs of User: Herzi Pinki, slightly adapted hereafter:

  • Love your photos
  • Categorization is added value
  • Photos should be inspired by nature and culture and beauty
  • Do the selection of images at home and upload only the very few images selected
  • There is no good reason to upload an average image of yours or from some suitable source, if there is already a lot of similar images on the same topic. This holds even more for low quality images.
  • Do not use categories for the obvious, but search the most specific properties only

.. from my experience:

  • Refrain from overcategorization: does the new cat have an encyclopedic interest (postmarks by date ...)? Do I not recreate a parallel structure (Stamps versus Postage stamps; Paintings versus Oil paintings; Women versus Females; Statues versus Sculptures etc..)?
Just to illustrate the user page, in July 2011 in good company (Bavaria). Where is the fool?
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Philatelic Galleries created[edit]

Since December 2014, I am also very active on the Stamps of the World (SOTW) wiki.

See Details in User:Jacquesverlaeken/Gallery pages of stamps

Praised for good work on the stamps of Austria-Hungary. Best greetings from Lower Austria in 2017.
Quality Image (Not-requested!

Locations Galleries created[edit]

In chronological order mainly







Czech Republic[edit]


  • Oleye (Liège)




One of the most complex:

Substantial contributions[edit]

Selected pictures by region[edit]

Quality images candidates[edit]

There is always something missing from a technocratic point of view, despite the beauty of the images.



The (very attractive) image on the 70 years of Germany Republic in Hauenstein has been - unfortunately - deleted (lack of convincing FoP).


Karlsruhe Region[edit]

North-west, mainly in Historical Grand Duchy of Baden. Calmbach was in the Kingdom of Württemberg.

Freiburg Region[edit]

South-west, mainly in Historical Grand Duchy of Baden.

Stuttgart Region[edit]

North east, mainly in Historical Kingdom of Württemberg

Tübingen Region[edit]

South east, mainly in Historical Kingdom of Württemberg


Lower Bavaria (Niederbayern)[edit]

Middle Franconia (Mittelfranken)[edit]

Lower Franconia (Unterfranken)[edit]

Upper Bavaria - Oberbayern[edit]

Upper Palatinate (Opf)[edit]

Swabia (Sc)[edit]


Rüdesheim am Rhein - Rheingau[edit]

North Rhine-Westphalia[edit]


Ahr valley[edit]

Lahn valley[edit]

Mosel valley[edit]

Palatinate - Pfalz[edit]

Was a remote province in the Kingdom of Bavaria!

Rhine valley (upstream)[edit]

Rheinhessen (ex Hesse)[edit]

Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt[edit]




East Tyrol - Osttirol[edit]


Upper Austria - Oberösterreich[edit]

Bezirk Freistadt[edit]

Styria - Steiermark[edit]

Sorting to be continued

Northern Styria (Bezirk Bruck-Mürzzuschlag)[edit]

Upper Styria (Bezirke Liezen, Murau)[edit]

South-east wine growing region (Vulkanland or Südoststeiermark)[edit]

Central Styria (Bezirk Leoben, Graz Umgebung)[edit]

Carinthia - Kärnten[edit]

Lower Austria[edit]

Kremstal - Wachau[edit]

Waldviertel - Kamptal[edit]






Canton du Valais[edit]

Canton des Grisons[edit]

Canton de Saint-Gall[edit]

Cantons de Appenzell Rhodes[edit]

Canton de Argovie[edit]

Canton de Zurich[edit]

Canton de Schaffhouse[edit]

Canton de Thurgovie[edit]


Western Bohemia Region[edit]

Ústí nad Labem Region[edit]

Central Bohemia Region[edit]

Southern Bohemia Region[edit]




The subdivisions in Slovenia are rather unstable. There are currently 12 statistical regions.

Upper Carniola - Gorensjska[edit]

Lower Carniola - Central Slovenia[edit]

Sava valley - Savinjska[edit]

Drava valley - Podravska[edit]

Slovenske Gorice[edit]


Northern Croatia[edit]

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