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"jcfrommn" is a contributor to Wikimedia, a Wikipedian

Photos jcfrommn has contributed to WikiMedia: (Privates Oduel Furge of Basile, La., and Robert Shropshire of Modesta, Calif., alertly pursue their job of watchful waiting with a 30 caliber machine gun. These GIs, members of the 31st Infantry, Guarded the dividing line above Chunchon) (Lieutenant General Oscar W. Griswold's Signature),_WWII.JPG (Japanese Artillery fires shells at the British colony of Hong Kong.),_WWII.JPG (American 80 millimeter mortar crew in action during the fighting on Guadalcanal),_1943,_WWII.JPG (Soldiers of the US 172nd Infantry slowly ford a stream through a jungle terrain on Munda Island, July, 1943),_Pacific_Ocean,_1943,_WWII.JPG (The Japanese had four 14 centimeter guns as part of their defenses of Tarawa. Note the holes in the gun shield) (The 10 cm Feldhaubitze M 99, seen here, was a howitzer used by Austria-Hungary forces during the First World War)