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My proposals flags of mexican states and territories[edit]

My SVG versions of flags of mexican states[edit]

Flags of mexican states and territories without official status[edit]

Flags of mexican states with official status[edit]

My proposals flags of USA states[edit]

My proposals flags and emblems of lands and countries[edit]

Other proposals flags of lands and countries[edit]

My proposals of nordic flags[edit]

Other proposals of nordic flags[edit]

My proposals flags of British Isles lands[edit]

My proposals flags of japanese islands and regions[edit]

Flags of japanese islands and regions with official status[edit]

Flags of the continents with real or official flags[edit]

Other flags of the Americas[edit]

Flags of outer space[edit]

My proposals of international flags[edit]

My old proposals of flags of the continents[edit]

My old proposals of flags of the oceans and seas[edit]