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My home wiki is Swedish Wikipedia. If you want to tell me something and want me to read it as soon as possible, leave a message on my discussion page there.

For years of my Commons activity, I didn't even own a proper camera. It has happened, however, when I've felt that some articles needed illustrations and no one better suited seemed likely to do anything about it, that I've borrowed a camera and taken some photos. They aren't edited in any way. You're very welcome to do that, if you want to use any of them somewhere. I will sometimes upload mobile photos as well, if I feel they'd be potentially useful.

The best thing I do at Commons is probably to import more photographically talented friends' and acquaintances' pictures from Flickr, sometimes after convincing them to relicense the pictures under a more Wikipedia-friendly Creative Commons license. Their photos tend to be technically better and/or more useful.

I write about Wikipedia (in Swedish) on Wikipediabloggen.

When I'm not editing the wikis for fun, I work for the Wikimedia Foundation. Edits from this account are done in my spare time.