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Todays picture

I am Justin Cormack and Justinc on en.

If you would like me to license any of the stuff here on another licence, please contact at my talk page, or here.

I have made a gallery of all my pictures at Category:User:Justinc; lots of these could be improved.

My User page en:User:Justinc has been newly decorated.

I have recently set up an account at Flickr. The photos there are not tagged as free, however in most cases I will happily upload them here under a free license (exceptions being recognizable people who I may need to ask for permission first). The pictures there are in many cases less carefully selected than the ones here as it is a cheap backup facility. (The interface is slicker but I dont like the fact it is not as wiki).

I can read a bit of French and German and bits of other european languages, so try them if your English is not good.

Test pages[edit]