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This is my Wikimedia Commons account. My primary Commons account has been KDS444, and I am trying to phase that account out. Please consider this to now be my primary Commons account. Thanks.

Gallery of images that I have created for Wikipedia and uploaded through Wikimedia[edit]

I enjoy producing graphics and uploading them to Commons for use on the various Wikipedias. A few of these have also gone on to become Featured Pictures and Pictures of the Day for both Commons and for the English Wikipedia. I work rather strictly in SVG format at this point, and use Adobe Illustrator CC for the generation of my images. I am fond of biological themes, but architectural and engineering ones also are on my list. My other interests here include copyright and licensing issues as well as deletion policy. And there you have it. For a more complete review see my account on the English Language Wikipedia under the username KDS4444.


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Anyone wishing to use one of my images on a different web site or publication is obliged to provide following details along with the image:

- Author: K.D. Schroeder
- graphic name.svg from Wikimedia Commons
- License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Media license notice[edit]

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This file is NOT in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. If you wish to use it anywhere other than on Wikipedia you are obligated to provide following details along with it:

- Author(s): {{{1}}}
- {{{2}}} from Wikimedia Commons
- License: CC-BY-SA {{{3}}}
(A statement such as "From Wikimedia Commons" or similar is not by itself sufficient. If you do not provide attribution to the file's author and indicate the file name as shown here, then you have not abided by the terms of the file's license and may not use the image.)