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Kate Branch

Hello. My name is Kate Branch.

Entitled 40 Years Around The Sun, this project is exactly that; a celebration of my own experience of forty years around this dazzling star, featuring 40 photos, all taken on my beloved Leica camera.

It is a revival of my most treasured travel memories, in video form, a selection of my best photography work throughout the years, featuring the burning orb that connects us all; the sun. Even though I can’t physically travel with family or friends, I can still take them on a virtual tour back through time to enjoy scenic moments from across the Earth.

Even more exciting is the fact that I’ve decided to donate the entire project to the Wikimedia Commons Project, so that anyone, anywhere in the world, will be able to access and utilise these photos freely.

40 Years Around The Sun, features photographs taken from an array of countries that I have been lucky enough to visit during my lifetime so far. The piece is a balance of some of my favorite sunrises and sunsets, and also shows how my photography work has evolved throughout the years.

It’s designed to take the viewer on a journey, starting with my very first sunset photo captured in Assisi, Italy. This was taken with my disposable camera when I just 18 years old, back in 1998.

Enjoy these images. Kate Branch X

Beautiful sunrise over pool in Hua Hin Thailand
Malaysian Sunset 2020
Sunrise over Byron Bay
Sunset in Borneo
Balmoral Beach captured early in the morning by Kate Branch
Folly Point Cammeray
Malaysian Sunset
Queenstown New Zealand
Ubud Sunset at The Mansion Bali
Bondi Beach at Sunrise
The Dhara Dhevi
Kate branch at Spices Potts Point