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About Me


The Kevauto project started in 2017, just in time when Wikipedia had an ongoing absence of media coverage for US-spec vehicles and Chinese vehicles. While I began adding photos of my own for fun, they were actually useful to the site. When I started, I often related my photos to the legacy contributor IFCAR, a great model to reference for taking encyclopedic photos of automobiles.

Throughout the years of pursuing this as a side hobby, I really enjoyed that my uploads have encapsulated my growth in photography as well as my journey in carspotting. I have made some great connections (you all know who you are) since establishing myself to the world here. It's quite surreal to see that I've also influenced an influx of next generation U.S. carspotters on Wikipedia, and they're all doing a very fine job at continuing what I do.

Current status


Due to college, my uploads will be very inconsistent. While still catching new cars on my walks here and there, please expect a delay in having them featured in my latest uploads.



- Can I use your photos in such and such?

  • My images should be free to use for any external websites under the license I upload, as long as proper credits are given. Such domains can be but are not limited to: blogs, news networks, car databases, etc. Youtube would probably be an exception.. No one really gives credits on there!

- Can you take photos of X or Y / Do you have photos of X and Y?

  • Probably. You can request pictures from me, just leave the make and model in my talk page and I'll check if I have any photos of your request.

- Are you X or Y on social media?

  • I am indeed active on various social media. You can discover my work through Flickr, Instagram, and a couple of other photo-sharing & car-related websites. I tend to go by aliases such as Kevauto and variations of "kev" or "xyx" prefixes.


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