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Re: Re-use of your photos / Maritime photosite / / Port of Rotterdam
De : "Danny" <email>
À : Korrigan <email>
Date : 18/11/2005 20:46:40
Dear Rémi,
Thank you for your mail and all the information you gave me. 
You're a docker at the Roro side?! Sometimes I'm doing Roro 
as well at the Tor-line and it's great to do some trailers 
once in a while.
You asked me for the use of some photos; 
I understand your story and for me it's ok that you use some 
of my photos. However I think that you want to download them 
from the site?
Like to give you some important information; The website has a standard fee for commercial use because 
I do have contracts with international maritime magazines and 
some of the photos are sold exclusive, trying to say that you 
can use the photos you like Rémi but only the downloaded ones; 
I cannot give the original pictures.
You like to use the photos as a contributer for the website 
wikipedia and that's ok, but I need to have controll over my 
(originals)photos, I do hope you understand my point Rémi!! 
Hope to hear from you again Rémi.
Best regards,

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From: "Korrigan" <email>
To: <dcornelissen@...>
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 7:14 PM
Subject: Re-use of your photos

> Hello Danny ! 
> First of all, thank you very much for this website and for your amazing 
> photos ! I am very enthousiastic about them as I am also working as a 
> docker, in Southampton (not on the container terminal though, more on the 
> passenger / Roro side). 
> I'm emailing you about a possible re-use of some of your pictures ; I am a 
> contributor on the Website Wikipedia (, on the French 
> version ; it is an online encyclopedia, which can be freely re-used. For 
> this reason, it only accepts "free" material, for instance non copyrighted 
> photos, which are also harder to find. 
> I wanted to illustrate the article about dockworkers on this website but I 
> do not have a camera myself (and I am a poor photorgapher anyway !), so I 
> am currently looking for a few free pictures to illustrate it. For this, I 
> wanted to know if it would be possible to re-use one or two of your 
> pictures. Basically, it would mean that :
> - your name remains attached to those pictures
> - they would be freely available for redistribution (possibly commercial 
> use as well, but not within Wikipedia itself)
> - we would have beautiful pictures for this article !
> I would perfectly understand if you do not accept this (after all, they are 
> your pictures !), but I thought it would be worth asking.
> Please feel free to ask me for any further details,
> Thank you again !
> Remi K.
Danny Cornelissen

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