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Kristian Bertel
Kristian Bertel in India 2008.
Born (age 43)
Thisted, North Jutlantic Island, Denmark
Nationality Danish
Occupation Photographer

Kristian Bertel (born April 14, 1980) is a Danish photographer. He grew up in the north west of Denmark, where he from young age traveled with his family. He took up photography in 2006, where he started his photographic career aged 26 taking portraits in many different countries. Being interested in photography theory, documentary and photojournalism he wanted to study the impact of photography on life.


Originally he is trained as graphic designer from Aarhus Tech.[1] Along with his passion for photography, he trained his skills by taking lessons and learning from skilled photographers and journalists. He later on attended Danish School of Media and Journalism.[2]

Photography and travel[edit]

He is mostly known for his series of Indian images, which started as a long-term project on India in 2008. He traversed four Indian provinces: Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, where he took pictures of the Indian people and their life conditions. At around this period he came to the attention of poverty[3] in the Indian cities and he began to document child beggars through his pictures. He shot a seminal essay on India's street children called Child Beggars of New Delhi[4], a photo story, where his pictures became more photojournalistic motivated. He has specialized in travel photography and his work has been published on Times of India.[5]

In the late 2014 the photographer traveled to the Maharashtra province of India photographing some of the many neighborhoods in the city of Mumbai. With a focus on the daily life in the city he captured numerous portraits of the people of India. He also visited the historical city of Nashik, also spelled Nasik, which is located north east from Mumbai, where he took photographs near the Godavari River. His dedication for portraits has been of interest for the photographer since he started with photography and his latest photos are also portraying the life in the city of Aurangabad. A city where the photographer captured portraits of the people in India. One of his latest photo essays is called Dharavi – A Look Inside[6], a photo essay that takes the viewer of the images into the slum area of Dharavi in Mumbai. An area, which is said to be one of Asia's largest slums.

Kristian Bertel is a contributor to Wikimedia Commons.

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