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I am a secondary student from Hong Kong, and is graduating from La Salle College in 2012, June. Since I was young I have a great zeal in Science, especially chemistry, and therefore most of my edits are in Chemistry sites. I have always been searching for chemical structures in Wikipedia, whenever I heard or saw a new pharmaceutical or chemical. I understand that why most of the students have little interest in Chemistry: it is very abstract and boring on theoretical means, therefore I would try to post more images of chemicals here so that more people can find Chemistry enjoying.

I am also a visual effects producer, which my skills were acquired by trial & error, and experimenting myself. I am specialized in producing animations and graphics for my school in video productions, if you want to see some of my works, please have a look at my school's Campus TV official youtube channel:

I am now facing the new challenge of changing education system in Hong Kong, which the public examination system has totally changed. Hope that after I can get over the exams and can continue my editing contributions to Wikipedia during my University life!