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My pictures are generally licensed as Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. They are licensed freely for Wikipedia and other web sites to use. They can also be used in online websites/resources, or in paper based books, pamphlets, brochures, etc without restrictions so there is no need to get my permission to use pictures which I personally took for your educational or commercial project at all. All I ask is attribution, nothing more. Since I don't take many pictures, I try to take quality images that people can appreciate. I include a small collection of images taken from my two (Canon and Fuji) cameras below in Canada where I live. Note: Korman is my secondary account which I mostly use for featured photo votes though I sometimes have voted for image deletion requests in the past, too. I will refrain from voting in image Deletion Requests in future with this other account but please note that I'm not perfect. Just to let you know. I hope you like the pictures. Regards.


File:View of UBC campus (February 2010).jpg|UBC campus File:1753 Austrian jug (UBC-2010).jpg|1753 jug File:Gmunden pottery basin (UBC-2010).jpg File:1780 Wedgewood dish (UBC).jpg|1780 dish File:18th century Holitsch dish (UBC-2010a).jpg File:18th century Dutch dish (UBCa).jpg File:1674 Zittau dish (UBC-2010).jpg|1674 dish File:C.1765 Liverpool dish (UBC-2010).jpg File:UBC Museum of Anthropology (Aug. 2009).jpg|UBC MOA front view File:UBC MOA rear view 2009.jpg|UBC MOA rear view File:Delftware dish (de Roos 2010).jpg|Delftware dish File:18th century Puebla dish (UBC-2010).jpg File:1768 Central Europe dish (UBC).jpg|1768 dish File:Late 17th century dish (Romania).jpg File:Mexican tin glazed dish (circa 1800).jpg File:17th century German tankard (UBC-2010a).jpg File:Circa 1600 German tankard (UBCa).jpg File:Sung dynasty bowl (UBC-2010).jpg|Sung dynasty bowl File:Late Cypriot 1A era jug (UBC).jpg File:17th-18th century Czech jug.jpg File:Shipibo jar (UBC-2010)a.jpg|Shipibo jar File:Shipibo bowl (UBC-2010)a.jpg|Shipibo bowl File:Chimú jar (UBC-2010)a.jpg|Chimú jar File:Chimú jar (UBC-2010)b.jpg File:Chimú-Lambayeque pot (UBC).jpg File:UBC MOA sign.jpg File:(UBC) MOA 'Imich Siiyem' figure.jpg File:UBC MOA view (2010).jpg|Museum gallery File:Native Indian interior facade at MOA (UBC).jpg File:1907 Lukwalil housedish (UBC2010).jpg|1907 housedish File:Dlidlam cedar posts from Gilford Island (UBC).jpg File:Nuxalk masks (UBC-2010a).jpg|Nuxalk masks File:Quwutsun' shredder (UBC2010).jpg File:Dzawada'en Mamalilikala headdress (UBC-2010).jpg File:Kwakwaka'wakw headdress (UBC-2010).jpg File:Kwakwaka'wakw creaser (UBC-2010).jpg File:Gwa'sala beater (UBC-2010).jpg File:'Nakwaxda'xw neck ring (UBC).jpg File:'Na'Nalalalhamlh mask (UBC-2010).jpg File:Dzawada'enuxw headdress (UBC-2010).jpg File:Dzawada'enuxw belt (UBC-2010).jpg File:Mamalilikala rattle (UBC).jpg|Mamalilikala rattle File:Interior Salish creel (UBC-2010).jpg File:Nlaka'pamux table (UBC-2010).jpg|Nlaka'pamux table File:Nuu-chah-nulth mats (UBC-2010).jpg File:Nuu-chah-nulth baskets (UBC2010).jpg File:Stó-lō figure (UBC-2010).jpg File:Coast Salish baskets (UBCa).jpg File:Native Squamish basket (UBC-2010).jpg File:Haida plate (UBC-2010).jpg File:Salish woven mat (UBC).jpg|Salish mat File:Heiltsuk? paddles at UBC (2010).jpg File:Heiltsuk puppets at UBC (2010).jpg|Heiltsuk puppets File:Inuit or Eskimo shoes (UBC).jpg File:Northwest coast chest (UBC-2010).jpg File:Haisla baton (UBC-2010a).jpg|Haisla baton File:Haisla ladles (UBC-2010).jpg File:Haisla whistle (UBC-2010).jpg|Haisla whistle File:Haisla equipment (UBC-2010).jpg File:Haisla seat (UBC-2010a).jpg|Haisla seat File:Haisla bowl (UBC-2010).jpg File:Haisla mask LW.jpg|Haisla mask File:Heiltsuk mask (UBC-2010).jpg File:Heiltsuk mask (UBC-2010b).jpg File:Heiltsuk figure (UBC-2010b).jpg|Heiltsuk figure File:Heiltsuk figure (UBC-2010a).jpg File:Heiltsuk maal (UBC-2010)a.jpg File:Heiltsuk ladle (UBC-2010).jpg|Heiltsuk ladle File:Interior Salish basket (UBC-2010a).jpg File:Interior Salish basket (UBC-2010b).jpg|Salish basket File:Stl'atl'imx tray (UBC-2010).jpg|Stl'atl'imx tray File:Stl'atl'imx basket (UBC-2010).jpg File:Stl'atl'imx basket (UBC-2010a).jpg File:Stl'atl'imx quiver (UBC-2010a).jpg|Stl'atl'imx quiver File:Stl'atl'imx vase (UBC-2010).jpg File:Kwang'ul mat (UBC-2010).jpg File:Nuxalk mask (UBC-2010).jpg|Nuxalk mask File:Tsilhqot'in baby cradle (UBC2010a).jpg|baby cradle File:'Nakwaxda'xw box (UBC)a.jpg|'Nakwaxda'xw box File:Dzawada'enuxw dish (UBC2010).jpg File:Early 20th Century Inuit parka (UBC).jpg|Inuit parka File:Bill Reid Raven (UBC-2010a).jpg File:Haida bear figure (UBC-2010).jpg File:Haisla paddles (UBC-2010a).jpg File:Samoan clubs (UBC-2010).jpg|Samoan clubs File:Tonga combs (UBC-2010).jpg|Tongan combs File:Artic American shirt (UBC).jpg|Arctic American shirt File:Arctic American moccasins (UBC-2010).jpg File:Kwangu'l gloves (UBC-2010).jpg File:Inuit scraper (UBC-2010a).jpg|Inuit scraper File:Inuit equipment (UBC-2010).jpg File:Tool (metate)-UBC 2010.jpg File:Micronesian mat (UBC-2010).jpg File:Dene whips (UBC-2010).jpg File:Dene spoon (UBC-2010)a.jpg|Dene spoon File:18th century Tureen vessel (UBC).jpg|18th century Tureen File:17th century German tankards 2009.jpg File:16th century Maiolica Italian dish (UBC).jpg File:17th century Kendi pot (UBC).jpg|17th century Kendi pot File:1694 Austrian tankard (UBC).jpg|1694 tankard File:1701 Slovak dish ware (UBC).jpg|1701 dish File:1696 Odler dish (UBC).jpg|1696 dish File:1693 Slovak dish (UBC).jpg|1693 Slovak dish File:19th century Central Europe vase (UBC-2009).jpg File:19th century Holitsch dish (UBC).jpg File:17th century Faenza dish (UBC).jpg|Faenza dish File:Late 19th century Slovak plates (UBC-2009).jpg File:Early 17th century faenza (UBC).jpg File:C.1500 Italian Maioloca dish (UBC).jpg|c.1500 Italian dish File:18th century Austrian bowl (UBC).jpg File:17th century Slovak tankards (UBC).jpg File:16th century Maiolica dish (UBC)a.jpg File:1696 Slovak dishware (UBC).jpg|1696 Slovak dish File:1701 Slovak dish (UBC).jpg|1701 Slovak dish File:17th century Faenza container (UBC).jpg File:18th century Holitsch ewer (UBC).jpg File:19th century Hungarian plates (UBC-2009).jpg File:1699 Odler dish (UBC).jpg|1699 dish File:Ming dynasty jar (UBC-2009).jpg|Ming dynasty jar File:19th century Slovak dishes (UBC-2009).jpg File:17th century Haben tankards (UBC).jpg File:Holitsch plates & platter (UBC-2009).jpg File:18th century Slovak jug (UBC-2009b).jpg File:19th century Slovak money box (UBC).jpg File:Tata faience earthernware (UBC-2009).jpg File:Lukwalil (house dish) beaver 2009.jpg|1872 beaver dish File:UBC MOA interior view (2009).jpg File:Tsimshian box (UBC-2009).jpg|Tsimshian box File:Tsimshian box (UBC-2009b).jpg File:Face of Dzunuk'wa (UBC-2009).jpg File:Haisla canoe (UBC-2009).jpg|Haisla canoe File:Haida house pole (UBC-2009).jpg|Haida house pole File:Native American art objects (UBC-2009).jpg File:Vancouver school of theology (UBC-2009).JPG File:Koerner library (UBC-2009).jpg|UBC Koerner library File:UBC clock tower2009a.jpg|UBC clock tower File:Nuu-chah-nulth canoe (UBC-2009).jpg File:View of Georgia Strait (UBC campus-2009).jpg|Georgia Strait File:Chemistry Physics Bldg (UBC-2009).jpg File:Abdul Ladha centre (UBC).JPG|Abdul Ladha science centre File:Musqueam totem pole (UBCa).jpg File:Buchanan Tower (UBC-Aug. 2009).jpg|UBC Buchanan Tower File:View of UBC campus (August 2009).jpg File:Pacific Bell & Bell Tower (UBC-2009).jpg File:C.K. Choi Memorial bell (UBC-2009).jpg File:UBC rose garden 2009.jpg|UBC rose garden File:UBC Aquatic Centre Pool 2009.jpg|UBC Aquatic Centre File:Brock Hall Annex bldg art (UBC).jpg File:UBC Goddess of Democracy statue 2009.jpg File:C.1700 Salzburg dish (UBC).jpg|c.1700 dish File:1715 Czech dish (UBC).jpg|1715 Czech dish File:1679 Czech dish (UBC).jpg File:1797 Swiss Stove tile (UBC).jpg|1797 stove tile File:1666 Swiss stove tile (UBC).jpg|1666 stove tile File:C.1600 Swiss Stove Tile.jpg File:18th century Austrian plate (UBC).jpg File:C.1560 Tiled Stove (UBC).jpg File:1684 Slovak Tankard (UBC).jpg|1684 tankard File:14th century Kendi pot (Indonesia).jpg File:Early 20th century? Salish funerary box.jpg File:Cochiti owl figure (UBC).jpg|Cochiti owl File:Blusson Spinal Cord Ctr 2010-08-19.jpg File:Presentation Circle (UBC MOA-2010).jpg File:UBC Asian Centre (August 2010).jpg|UBC Asian Centre File:Norman A.M. MacKenzie (UBC sculpture).jpg File:Jin Dynasty pottery jar (UBC-2011).jpg File:Central Yup'ik basket (UBC-2011).jpg File:Apache jug (UBC-2011).jpg|Apache jug File:Pomo basket (UBC-2011).jpg|Pomo basket File:Navajo basket (UBC-2011).jpg File:Zuni figure (UBC-2011).jpg|Zuni figure File:Nicoya vessel (UBC-2011).jpg|Nicoya vessel File:Inuit sculpture (UBC-2011).jpg File:Arctic Eskimo pipe (UBC-2011).jpg File:Haida House exhibit (UBC).jpg|Haida house exhibit File:Haida replica totem pole (UBC Museum).jpg|Haida totem pole File:Hebb Building (interior view-UBC).jpg|Hebb building (interior) File:Regent College in Vancouver Point Grey 2011.jpg|Regent College File:Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre 2011.jpg File:1657 Anabaptist tankard (UBC-2011).jpg|1657 tankard File:1612 Tankard (UBC-2011).jpg|1612 tankard File:1690 Anabaptist Slovak dish (UBC-2011).jpg|1690 dish File:1668 Anabaptist dish (UBC-2011).jpg|1668 dish File:1680 Anabaptist dish (UBC-2011).jpg|1680 dish File:1668 Anabaptist dish (Slovakia).jpg File:Mid-18th Century Italian Maiolica platter (UBC-2011).jpg File:Late 18th century Faenza Maiolica plate.jpg File:C.1800 AD German porcelain.jpg File:1759 Anabaptist bottle (UBC-2011).jpg|1759 Anabaptist bottle File:German Faience Cruet stand (1750-1775).jpg File:Aceh Islamic plate (Ming dynasty).jpg|Aceh Islamic plate File:Qur'an manuscript page (9th century).jpg|9th century Quran File:Decorated Iranian (Persian) box.jpg|Persian box File:Middle East shoes (UBC-2013).jpg File:Sinhalese clappers.jpg|Sinhalese clapper File:Ndebele ornament (UBC 2013).jpg|Ndebele basket File:Ovambundu basket (UBC).jpg File:Early 20th Century Micronesian Armour.jpg|Micronesian Armour File:Albanian Guibba (UBC 2013).jpg|Albanian Guibba File:Baluchi dress (UBC 2013).jpg|Baluchi dress File:Blackfeet Moccasins (UBC 2013).jpg|Blackfeet moccasin File:Olea Davis bowl (UBC 2013).jpg|Olea Davis bowl File:Holitsch plate c.1746 - 1800 (UBC).jpg|Holitsch plate File:Holitsch faience stand (UBC).jpg|Holitsch stand File:Holitsch dish with cover 1746-1800 (UBC).jpg|Holitsch dish cover File:Late 18th century Maiolica dish (UBC-2013).jpg|Maiolica dish File:Surrey Central City Shopping Centre & Office Tower (High Rise Tower view-2011).jpg File:City of Surrey Museum 2010a.jpg|Surrey Museum File:Lisa Brokop 1.jpg File:1890 Carriage Model.jpg|1890 carriage File:1916 Studebaker model car.jpg|1916 Studebaker File:Platen Printing press.jpg|Printing Press File:Old musical instruments for young people.jpg File:Alberta Slim costume (museum piece).jpg File:Old Cdn general store register.jpg|Old cash register File:Easthope Marine Engine.jpg File:Boats on White Rock Pier (April 2009).jpg File:White Rock Pier view2.jpg|White Rock pier File:White Rock City view from the pier1.JPG|White Rock city File:Semiahmoo Bay (April 2009).jpg| File:Guildford Rec Ctr.jpg File:Guildford Town Ctr at 150 Street.JPG File:Newton Town Ctr 72 Avenue.jpg File:Fleetwood Town Centre Mall (2010).jpg File:Balmoral Tower Highrise (April 2009).jpg File:Princess Margaret Secondary (on 72 Avenue).jpg File:Princess Margaret Secondary (rear view-2010).jpg File:Fraser Downs Racetrack & Casino (main entrance 2010).jpg File:Fraser Downs Race Track & Casino bldg (2009).jpg File:Newton SPL Library (2009).jpg|Newton Library File:Provincial Court of Surrey, BC-2009.jpg|Surrey Provincial court File:City of Surrey Cenotaph 2009.jpg|Surrey Cenotaph File:Occasions-Pond in Surrey, BC.jpg File:Lisa Brokop (June 1999).jpg|Lisa Brokop File:Now Newspaper Bldg (September 2009).jpg File:Surrey Arts Centre (street sign).jpg File:Surrey City Hall in BC, Canada (2009).jpg|City of Surrey 2009 File:Surrey, BC City Hall (2014b).jpg|City of Surrey 2014 File:Langley City Hall, Canada (April 2009).jpg|Langley City Hall File:Langley Township City Hall (2010).jpg|Langley Township City Hall File:Downtown Surrey Gateway (2010).jpg File:Holy Cross High School (view on 88 Avenue).jpg|Holy Cross school File:Holy Cross High School (noticeboard).jpg File:Enver Creek Secondary (84 Avenue).jpg File:Tamanawis Secondary (66 Avenue).jpg|Tamawanis Secondary File:North Surrey Secondary (96 Avenue).jpg File:Panorama Ridge Secondary (64 Avenue).jpg File:Sullivan Heights Secondary (144 Street).jpg File:Sullivan Heights Secondary (noticeboard).jpg File:Queen Elizabeth Secondary (on 136 Street).jpg File:Fleetwood Park Secondary (156 Street).jpg File:L A Matheson Secondary (122 Street).jpg File:L A Matheson Secondary (entrance).jpg|L A Matheson school File:Fraser Heights Secondary (108 Avenue entrance).jpg File:Frank Hurt Secondary (77 Avenue).jpg File:Lord Tweedsmuir (main entrance 2010).jpg File:Kwantlen Park Secondary (132 Street).jpg File:Guildford Park Secondary (146 Street).jpg File:Pacific Academy (main entrance 2010).jpg File:Chandos Pattison Auditorium (April 2010).jpg File:École Gabrielle-Roy (Surrey 2010).jpg File:Clayton Heights Secondary (188 Street).jpg File:Bell Performing Arts Centre (Surrey 2010).jpg|Bell Performing Centre File:North Delta Public Safety Bldg-84 Avenue (2010).jpg File:North Delta Secondary (82 Avenue).jpg File:Seaquam Secondary School (Lyon Road).jpg File:Tong Louie Family YMCA (Surrey, BC).jpg|Tong Louie YMCA File:Fleetwood Town Centre Mall (2010).jpg File:North Surrey Secondary 160 Street (entire view).jpg File:Delview Secondary School (116 Street).jpg File:Brookswood Secondary (37A Avenue).jpg|Brookswood Secondary File:Brookswood Secondary (noticeboard).jpg File:H. D. Stafford school (Grade Crescent).jpg File:H. D. Stafford (school sign).jpg File:R. E. Mountain Secondary School (202A Street).jpg File:Langley Secondary School (2010 main view).jpg File:Semiahmoo Secondary (148 Street).jpg File:Semiahmoo Secondary school sign (148 Street).jpg File:Sands Secondary School (main view-2010).jpg|Sands Secondary File:Sands Secondary school (baseball field).jpg File:Delview Secondary School (April 2012).jpg|Delview Secondary File:Surrey Arts Centre (13750 88 Avenue).jpg File:Surrey Tax Centre (CRA 2010a).jpg File:Surrey Youth Soccer Assn building (2010a).jpg File:Jim Pattison Outpatient Care & Surgery Centre 2012.jpg|Jim Pattison Outpatient Surgery