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 Permissions, Licensing, and Use of Images created by
Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) 

For more detailed information about using Wikimedia Commons images and text outside of Wikimedia, see Reusing content outside Wikimedia.

As per the Creative Commons license, use of images must have proper attribution in a manner specified by the author of the image. You do not need to contact me to ask for my permission to use my images in your work. To re-use images created by Loadmaster / David R. Tribble (here), the following condition must be met:

  • Mention of the author's real name (David R. Tribble) must appear somewhere within the work containing the image in use. Typically, this appears in a separate "Acknowledgments" or "Credits" section, or as a "Photo credit" tagline near the image itself, or at the very end of the article in which it's used.

Mention of the source of the image (i.e., Wikimedia Commons) is not required, but is encouraged.

Simple modifications to images do not need any special mention. Such modifications include:

  • Scaling
  • Cropping
  • Rotation
  • Conversion to monochrome (black and white)

More complicated modifications do require special mention, in order to make it clear that the image in use was derived from the original in a manner other than in its original (or near original) form. Mention of such modifications can be as simple as:

  • "This image was modified from its original form."

Finally, if you do find any of my images here useful enough to use in your own works, please email me or leave a message on my talk page. This is not required, but is simply for my benefit of knowing.


If any of the requirements or information in this page contradicts the licensing information established by Wikimedia Commons or the licenses it employs for the works it contains, the latter has precedence over the former.