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I hereby award at you this Photographers Blackbelt for your outstanding and excellent pictures.
--ComputerHotline (talk) 18:50, 5 September 2009 (UTC)

When adding attribution for using my photos, please credit me with "Trisha Shears" for those photos requiring attribution, Please don't take my photos and claim that they are yours, I enjoy uploading and sharing my images with people who may need to use them. but i don't like it when people take the image that I took and then claim it as theirs, such things will force me to stop sharing my images here, I have had people change the Author on my images and claim it be someone elses, this discourages me very much from wanting to share with everyone. Please respect me and my photos and use images as requested by following the licensing of said images, because of people doing this , i will no longer be releasing into public domain, attribution will be required of all future images. uploaded by me.... Thanks

About Me


I love taking photos, so i have decided to contribute to the commons. I mostly take animal photos so that is what i will mostly be focusing on. Some of my images were taken with Canon Powershot S2 IS, some with the Canon Rebel XSI and Some with my Kodak Easyshare Camera. Thanks and please look through all my galleries listed below.


The following of my images have been promoted to Quality Image Status and or Featured Picture Status..

My Image Contributions


Below is a list of the photo pages, They are full of photos that i have contributed to the commons. Many have been released in to the public domain except for a some of my more recent photos which are CC or GFDL. and all were taken by me unless other wise noted..

Pages containing photos


Wild Cats *User:Ltshears/Photos of Big Cats

Zebra & Horses *User:Ltshears/Photos of Horses

Giraffes *User:Ltshears/Photos of Giraffe

Meerkats *User:Ltshears/Photos of Meerkats

Waterfowl *User:Ltshears/Photos of Waterfowl

Primates *User:Ltshears/Photos of Primates

Birds *User:Ltshears/Photos of Birds

Antelope *User:Ltshears/Photos of Antelope

Domestic Dogs *User:Ltshears/Photos of Domestic Dogs

Wolves & Wild Dogs *User:Ltshears/Photos of Wolves

Domestic Cats *User:Ltshears/Photos of Cats

Seals & Sea Lions *User:Ltshears/Photos of Seals

Kangaroos, Wallabies & Wallaroos *User:Ltshears/Photos of Kangaroos

Small Mammals & Rodents *User:Ltshears/Photos of Small Mammals and Rodents

Snakes *User:Ltshears/Photos of Snakes

Lizards & Skinks *User:Ltshears/Photos of Lizards and Skinks

Frogs & Toads *User:Ltshears/Photos of Frogs and Toads

Fish *User:Ltshears/Photos of Fish

Turtles *User:Ltshears/Photos of Turtles

Crocodiles & Alligators *User:Ltshears/Photos of Crocodiles and Aligators

Insects *User:Ltshears/Photos of Insects

Bears *User:Ltshears/Photos of Bears

Pigs *User:Ltshears/Photos of Pigs

Flowers *User:Ltshears/Photos of Flowers

Camel & Llama *User:Ltshears/Photos of Camel and Llama

Hippo, Rhino & Elephants *User:Ltshears/Photos of Hippo Rhino and Elephants

Cattle & Goats *User:Ltshears/Photos of Cattle and Goats