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Luc Viatour


I've been contributing to French Wikipedia and related projects since August 2005.
I love macrophotography, astronomy, nature, SF literature, free software and Linux.

My personal site:

My material:

Body: Nikon Coolpix 5200 / Nikon FE / Nikormat FT3 / Nikon D3S / Nikon D90

Optical: Nikkor 14-24 F2,8 AFS ED / Nikkor 24-70 F2,8 AFS ED / Nikkor 70-200 F2,8 AFS ED VR2 / Nikkor 600mm f/4G AF-S ED VR2 / Nikkor 50mm F1,4 AFD / Nikkor 85mm F1,8 AFD / Sigma 150mm F2,8 DG APO Macro EX / Sigma 10-20mm F4-5,6 DC EX / Sigma 17-70mm F2,8-4,5 DC Macro / TC converter X2 Nikkor TC 20eIII and X1,4 Kenko / 2x Nikon Flash SB600 and SB900

Astronomical refractor: Vixen 103mm F1000 / super polaris equatorial mount.

Since the end of 2005 I publish my image with GIMP. 21

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Example work

Solar eclipse 1999 4.jpg
Total Solar eclipse 1999

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