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Hello and welcome to my page!

This Father-Son project aims to supply high quality pictures of electronics, free for anyone to use. If it has a wiki page, sub-par or no photos, and we have it, we can make a gallery for it.

I take these photos because we have some obscure and/or poorly documented electronics in my possession, so, we decided to do our part in preserving them, and helping people understand what they are and what they look like. Usually I just look up pages about some items I own, and if they could be improved, I do a photo-shoot of that item.

Here is my website cataloging my complete collection of items with quick normal quality photos, not in the public domain, for the sake of keeping track of what I have. [WEBSITE LINK]

We also have a Twitter account.

Click the image to see a full gallery of each item[edit]

Other Items[edit]