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A fairly productive batch:

Coca Cola building.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Coca Cola building.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Coca Cola
  • Tags: vegas 2005 hotel day
Manhattan Express Roller Coaster.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Manhattan Express Roller Coaster.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Manhattan Express
  • Tags: vegas 2005 hotel room day
Cadillac at car show.jpg
Fair employee at balloon game.jpg
Bamboo with graffiti.jpg
Sequoia sempervirens in Melbourne.jpg
ER room after a trauma.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:ER room after a trauma.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: After a trauma
  • Tags: er hospital emergency
Snow sculpture in DeKalb County.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Snow sculpture in DeKalb County.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: At night the children of DeKalb come out to play and build snowmen.
  • Tags: dekalb snowman topv111 transitory
A crab at Wellington Point.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:A crab at Wellington Point.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: P1080018
  • Tags: cyron animal crab mud
N2 Morro Rock.jpg
NCSSM sign.jpg
Morro Bay Harbor.jpg
George Washington University.jpg
WNC stained glass windown.jpg
Drop of water splashing.jpg
Five legged grasshopper.jpg
Five legged grasshopper2.jpg
Dead Rhinoceros Beetle.jpg
Transformer in Melbourne.jpg
Pershing Square sculpture.jpg
  • Link:
  • Title: Shining silver
  • Tags: gun
Field of flowers in taiwan.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Field of flowers in taiwan.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: cosmos--@I-Lan Park
  • Tags: flower 2005 taiwan
Somewhere in norway.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:somewhere in norway?.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 110_1070
  • Tags: From window work
AN2 The biggest biplane of them all.jpg
Cascadilla Gorge.jpg
Colour of the Wall.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Colour_of_the_Wall.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Color of the Wall
  • Tags: ithaca autumn Cornell
Wheel of locomotive.jpg
Locomotive wheels.jpg
Saranac Lake.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Saranac_Lake.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Saranac Lake
  • Tags: saranaclake autumn
Saranac Lake2.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Saranac_Lake2.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Saranac Lake
  • Tags: saranaclake autumn
Saranac Lake3.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Saranac_Lake3.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Saranac Lake
  • Tags: saranaclake autumn
Piers of the Pier.jpg
The West Campus.jpg
Treman State Park.jpg
Treman State Park2.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Treman_State_Park2.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Treman State Park
  • Tags: tremanstatepark ithaca
Empire state shot by BB.jpg
Gum tree in the outback.jpg
Mountain in Puget Sound.jpg
N2 Mountain in Puget Sound.jpg
View from the conference.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:View_from_the_conference.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: View from the conference
  • Tags: amsterdam
Buildings in water.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Buildings in water.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Now they're just showing off
  • Tags: amsterdam
Seagull landing.jpg
Swan Portrait.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Swan_Portrait.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Swan Portrait
  • Tags: travemünde bird swan
Gates to Quebec City.jpg
Woman wearing chainmail.jpg
Bridge to PEI.jpg
On Vaci Utca, Budapest.jpg
Rusten boks i parken.jpg
White flower with drop in it.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:White flower with drop in it.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 041230habotan_C1
  • Tags: japan lumix leaf drop macro
Bhutan 3.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Bhutan_3.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Bhutan 3
  • Tags: Bhutan buddhist
Bhutan 2.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Bhutan_2.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Bhutan 2
  • Tags: Bhutan buddhist
  • Link: [[Image:Bhutan_9.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Bhutan 9
  • Tags: Bhutan buddhist
Bhutan 7.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Bhutan_7.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Bhutan 7
  • Tags: Bhutan buddhist
Bhutan 10.jpg
Dicentra spectabilis.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Dicentra_spectabilis.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Dicentra spectabilis
  • Tags: flowers garden spring
Nepal 2.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Nepal_2.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Nepal 2
  • Tags: Nepal Buddhist
Stupa of Bodnath.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Stupa_of_Bodnath.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Nepal 4
  • Tags: Nepal Buddhist
Buddhist prayers in Kathmandu.jpg
Nepali charka in action.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Nepal_12.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Nepal 12
  • Tags: Nepal Buddhist
N2 Holocaust Memorial.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:N2_Holocaust_Memorial.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Holocaust Memorial
  • Tags: memorial Boston
Camel in pakistan.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Camel in pakistan.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Pakistan 4
  • Tags: Pakastan Karachi
Pakistan 8.jpg
Worthing woodwork.jpg
Rooster tag.jpg
Bells in Melbourne.jpg
Crystalised crockery.jpg
Seagull in Melbourne.jpg
Jolimont railyard in melbourne.jpg
Houses on Mariners Mews, London E14.jpg
Fisherman's Balls.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Fisherman's_Balls.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Fisherman's Balls
  • Tags: travemünde
Duck Couple.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Duck_Couple.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Duck Couple
  • Tags: travemünde duck
Enjoy Your Meal!.jpg
Trafalgar Square, London, England.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Trafalgar_Square,_London,_England.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0006_2
  • Tags: london
Iraq demo in london.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Iraq demo in london.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0019
  • Tags: london
Still Life.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Still_Life.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Still Life
  • Tags: Experiments
Place of worship.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Place_of_worship.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Place of worship
  • Tags: Monastery Tibet
Niagara Falls at night.jpg
Niagara Falls and tourboat.jpg
N2 Niagara Falls.jpg
ROM leopard.jpg
DMSN dinosaurs.jpg
Fire emily's building.jpg
Fire emily's building 2.jpg
Cavendish beach.jpg
Landscape of PEI.jpg
Landscape of PEI2.jpg
Bay of Fundy - Tide In.jpg
Bay of Fundy - Tide Out.jpg
Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.jpg
Scotts 57 limo.jpg
Six Geese.jpg
Child And Swan.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Child_And_Swan.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Child And Swan
  • Tags: travemünde
Injured Engine.jpg
Madeira parade view.jpg
Sitges from the water.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Sitges_from_the_water.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0148
  • Tags: barcelona
Crown on cactus.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Crown on cactus.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Crown
  • Tags:
Large number of barrel cactuses.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:large number of barrel cactuses.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Alien incubation devices
  • Tags:
Golden ratio in action.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Golden_ratio_in_action.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Golden ratio in action
  • Tags:
Prickly Pear.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Prickly_Pear.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Prickly Pear
  • Tags:
Fuzzy cactuses.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Fuzzy cactuses.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Fuzzy
  • Tags:
Other worldly cactuses.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Other_worldly cactuses.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Other worldly
  • Tags: Cactus
Land Coral.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Land_Coral.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Land Coral
  • Tags:
  • Link: [[Image:Gesticulation.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Gesticulation
  • Tags:
Love and Affection.jpg
Elephant in the zoo.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Elephant_in_the_zoo.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Elephant in the zoo
  • Tags: zoo animals
Arc in Sicily.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Birchtree_in_the_cemetery.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Birchtree in the cemetery
  • Tags: birch tree cemetery
Technicolor Trees.jpg
Big Lizard.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:shroooooom.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: shroooooom
  • Tags: shroom mushroom
Turtle turtle turtle.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:turtle_turtle_turtle.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: turtle turtle turtle
  • Tags: turtle angry NJ newjersey
A well-fed squirrel.jpg
The final solution med.jpg
Is it Your Lucky Day.jpg
ROM Dimetrodon.jpg