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The author and 1,5 year user of the 4 photographs of the 4 species of Bedrocan's cannabis on the dutch wiki in 2011. Also i re-edited a little piece on the english version of medical cannabis page of the english wiki, where it was removed one day later. Again i edited the piece about medical cannabis in the netherlands. It is the thruth.

An independent an researching anonymous patiënt ( x ) on 4 species of the official Dutch Medicinal Cannabis, Researching Zaandamse Medicinal Cannabis. 9,- euro's a gram i have to pay for this official medicial cannabis, 3 x i asked re-imbusement at health insurance. Sometimes i can hardly walk 200m. At 5 kilometer from my house lays Bedromedical BV which would make a difference for real patient, by shifting fake patients with placebo cannabis. On 900m. lays FARMALYSE the test-lab, for the real med. cannabis, isn't it ironic ? With Regards, Jeroen Zaandam, The Netherlands, Europe.

Cannabis Around Nations Community on Google Plus.

As Jeroen Green on google plus and FB.

publish site English in Dutch.

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