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Dr. M.J. Waterloo (Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a hydrologist working at the VU University Amsterdam. He is the master coordinator of the MSc Hydrology Programme.


Dr. M.J. Waterloo is also a collector of art. He is especially interested in the work of Aimé Morot, a french academic artist who lived from 1850 - 1913. In addition, he is interested in the works of the Italian artist Ernesto Serra (1860 - 1915), the French artists Vincent Manago (1880 – 1936) and of his great-great grandfather Joannes Petrus Waterloo (1790 - 1870). One of his aims is to identify and locate existing artworks of these artists. He would very much appreciate it if you could contact him if you have information or if you own a work of Aimé Morot, Ernesto Serra, Vincent Manago or Joannes Petrus Waterloo.

M.J. Waterloo's edits include the English Wikipedia pages of Aimé Morot, Ernesto Serra and Vincent Manago.

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