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Formula One[edit]

User:Morio/photos/motor sports/Formula One

World Touring Car Championship[edit]

User:Morio/photos/motor sports/World Touring Car Championship

Le Mans[edit]

Toyota TS-020

Le Mans Series[edit]

User:Morio/photos/motor sports/Le Mans Series


Stock Car Brasil[edit]

User:Morio/photos/motor sports/Stock Car Brasil

Fórmula Truck[edit]

User:Morio/photos/motor sports/Fórmula Truck


User:Morio/photos/motor sports/TC2000

Formula Renault[edit]

User:Morio/photos/motor sports/Formula Renault

Racing circuit[edit]

Autódromo José Carlos Pace[edit]

Main straight[edit]

'S' do Senna[edit]

Named by memorial of Ayrton Senna

Other parts[edit]

Racing flags[edit]



Cyber Formula[edit]

Red Bull campaign cars[edit]