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Pentax K10D 18-55mm.jpgThis user takes photographs with Pentax equipment.
NewTux.svgThis user contributes using Linux.

For more info about me, see my English Wikipedia user page (including a list of my major contributions) or my French Wikipedia page.

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I've got a new Pentax K10D digital SLR camera and I've been taking a lot of photos of animals and lab equipment with it, and adding them to Commons. I got a used Manual Focus telephoto lens so now I'm trying to do birds. Also some landscapes and photos of buildings and placed I've visited.

I've created a few useful diagrams concerning math, computer science, and optics such as File:Pulse_density_modulation.svg, File:Motherboard diagram.svg, File:Angular aperture.svg, and File:AliasingSines.svg.

Also I've worked on vectorizing the vowel diagrams on Commons. I've converted zillions of them from raster to SVG format, and I have created an IPA vowel trapezium template in SVG format which I'm begging everyone to use for future vowel charts.

I try to make all diagrams, charts, etc. in SVG format, which is very very desirable for an editable, collaborative project like Wikimedia Commons. See Commons:Transition to SVG for more information on why SVG is good for commons, and we shouldn't be using diagrams in raster format.


I prefer to use Inkscape for editing SVG vector graphics; gThumb, GIMP, and UFRaw for editing photos; and GNU Emacs for editing text.