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Categories I'm Watching[edit]

Category:Cities in California -- Category:Burbank, California -- Category:Santa Clarita, California -- Category:Cities in the United States -- Category:Cities by country -- Commons:Category scheme New York City -- Commons:Category scheme Italy



Draft : Categorization of Cities[edit]

For United States Cities

Category:City Name, State Name

Gallery pages named City Name. This avoids duplication when browsing a list of cities in the category.
Category:Art of City Name - Artistic renderings of the city, art located inside of the city. The actual museums belong in -
Category:Museums in City Name
Category:Buildings in City Name
Category:Building Name - when there are many media related to that building.
Category:Division, City Name - eg, Hollywood in Los Angeles. Hollywood is not a city in and of itself, merely a place within the political entity. Typical examples include census-designated places.
Category:City Name government
Category:Religious buildings in City Name - Or this can be skipped if only churches, synagogues, or mosques are present among the media.
Category:Churches in City Name
Category:Synagogues in City Name
Category:Mosques in City Name - et cetera.
Category:Notable Place that is not one Building - such as a port, museum or an airport. Examples include Category:BART, Category:Balboa Park, San Diego, California.
Category:City name from YYYY year to ZZZZ year
Category:City name in YYYY year
Category:Maps of City Name
Category:Restaurants in City Name

All categorizations assume sufficient mass of media to justify creation of a subcategory. IE, if there are two media files related to City Name, just leave them in Category:City Name, State Name. This is subjective, unfortunately.

Based upon Commons:Category scheme New York City .

Things to remember[edit]

[[Category:The Thing]] adds the current page to the category.

[[Image:Image Filename]] displays the image.

Put a : after the [[ to display a link to the category or image instead.

User talk:CommonsDelinker/commands is a good place to learn about the various deletion/merging things that can be done on wikimedia.

Geo / GIS on wiki - look up on Multimap website and get coordinates for the location. You know, hours minutes seconds (bottom right corner of the page). Then stick those inside this template - {{location dms|34|11|25|N|118|21|40|W}} and in two clicks you are looking at it on Google Maps. Use the decimal version from Multimap to get the numbers for Flickr geotags.