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Mohammad Sadegh Hayati 

* Nightscape / Landscape Photographer Specialist in Panorama and Virtual Reality . .


Mohammad Sadeq Hayati is Nightscape Photographer and Videographer with special work on Virtual Reality . he was born in 1998 in Shiraz, Iran. He studied computer engineering in his undergraduate studies. Then, after 14 years of experience in the field of computer and software and scattered landscape and nature photography, he became acquainted with the specialized field of nightscape photography. For 5 years, he has been following the nightscape photography with the approach of introducing this extraterrestrial view to the society and the general public. According to him, it is time for people to get acquainted with the extraterrestrial thinking and the greatness of the universe so that they can bring about global unity and peace. The night sky and astronomy make every viewer humble and can do some unity for people. .


Her favorite field of specialization is night photography. Images of the type of photos and videos that are broadcast in modern technology with virtual reality. In night photography, he tries to convey the most emotions of night scenes to the viewer. According to him, this is a work of art that works with the emotions of the viewer. Follow his portfolio on Social Media:



  • Best Nightscaper photographer of the world short listed in Greenwich observatory Museum London 2020
  • Best Milkyway Photographer of the year 2021
  • Best Landscape 2020 HIPA Short listed in 4 topic
  • Gold Nightscape astronomy photo in KHAYAM 2019
  • APOD NASA published in 2019
  • EPOD NASA published in 2018
  • Photopills Book 2019
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 13th in the world
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 10th in iran

  • Also, He is High-tech Security Consultant and CTO at

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  • محمد صادق حیاتی
  • تصویربردار منظره در شب و روز با تخصص ساخت پانوراما و واقعیت مجازی
  • همچنین، مشاور ارشد فناوری های پیشرفته امنیتی

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