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Warning to scientists uploading images with identifications: It is not possible to protect identifications uploaded here from alteration. There is no respect for authors' moral rights here. Please see this discussion for an example of how and why efforts to protect a description are likely to fail. Another person who decides to edit war cannot be combatted.

As of September 2016, I no longer upload images taken in botanical gardens or with identifications made by anyone other than myself. This is because, although I don't care very much if someone claims that the petunia I photographed is in fact a warthog, I do care if a Commons editor claims that a scholarly institution has mislabelled its collection, simply because that person has been able to find a publication that has a different taxonomic opinion. As we scientists all know very well, taxonomic opinions are a dime a dozen, and one can be found to fit just about any dang fool notion. The answer, of course, is to prefer consensus taxonomies, and much discussion on the EN wikipedia at WikiProject Plants has produced guidelines about that. As far as I know, Commons (perhaps because of its multilingual culture) has no central discussion by knowledgeable people that could set such guidelines. It's a free-for-all here. Uploading scientific images to Commons is not a good idea.

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