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About Me[edit]

I am an Ohio native who currently resides in central Ohio. Professionally, I am an engineer in the automotive industry. I am interested in Cincinnati Reds baseball, Ohio State Buckeyes men's football and hoops (alumnus), Catholic apologetics and eccelesial architecture, craft beer and home-brewing, and photography. More training and better equipment would definitely help the results of my brewing and photography experiments, but I'm currently too tight to buy them.

On Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, my main focus is taking photos of and improving the articles for Catholic church buildings. I have also authored two books related to these subjects. I usually hit up these places as a break from my regularly-scheduled travels and rarely go far out of my way specifically for a visit, so please be patient. If you have a church building article in need of photos, I may be able to help. If you know of a particularly beautiful or historic church building, please let me know; I may visit it one day.