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cat images commons[edit]

  1. for these the page description must be enough to fit the provided that clause
  1. FIXME: get a look at this once
  2. only for educational purpose, not enough for our use.
  1. FIXME: it's unclear to what licence exactly the image in these categories belong (but some sub act are obviously correct)
  2. Creative Commons licenses
  1. FIXME: ok for commercial use ?
  1. FIXME
  1. should be safe
  1. dubious about this one
  1. FIXME
  1. FIXME
  1. this one is a redirect to Public domain
  1. FIXME: I doubt this si really free since it comes from an online version of a PD works
  1. this one is not a licence per se but must include a category tag to describe the licence Self-published work
  1. FIXME
  1. FIXME, ok prolly
  1. FIXME: unsure
  1. FIXME: I don't like the "and possibly in other country"
  1. FIXME: licence says than some of this work can be cp in Russia ?
  1. FIXME
  2. Insignia
  1. FIXME
  1. FIXME
  1. FIXME