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Who doesn't understand that this is just a joke, will be stabbed by the commons' cabal :P
02:16 UTC

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Osama Khalid, a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. I'm interested in Wikimedia projects, and I am an admin and a bureaucrat at Arabic Wikipedia. Here I'm a contributor who seeks more supporters. :)


Recently, I've been into categorization stuff. I've created a helper script which helps apply "Over-categorization" rule. It's very-easy-to-use script and I think it would help the categorizers. The simple idea is to scan the main categories, let's say Category:Young women, getting its subcategories and files, then scan the subcategories for files and compare the results. If there are any duplicates, it'll report it. Few seconds after entering Category:Young women, it reported "<> in Category:Alesia Fieldberg is also in Young women". Now we have to remove the link on File:Alesia Fieldberg 2008 1a.jpg to Category:Young women. This script is a free software (you may noted that I'm into GNU ;) ) available under GPLv3+, you can get it here. You also need Put them together under pywikipediabot directory and simply run it as any other bot. (it's not a bot, it needs no bot flag nor admin tools).

Your helping!


GNU, the free operating system

No Israel!

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